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A 6-Lesson Family Home Evening Series

“This program has helped me so much, even my husband has been blown away and has started listening to Jody’s podcast as a result. Jody has been an answer to my prayers.”

Katrina Young

“I love this new world that has opened up to me. Jody’s insight and tools leave you feeling empowered with more energy and freedom allowing you to become who you are truly meant to be.”  

Tara Wermuth

“As I started applying the tools I was learning I was amazed at the way I was changing. It wasn’t easy but the hard work was worth it. I feel like a new person and am happier and more confident than I’ve been in a long time. Jody’s program is amazing and you will feel amazing at the end of it!” 

Sara Richins

“This program is insightful, eye-opening and life changing. I feel more incontrol of my approach to motherhood and feel that I have begun the process of changing from a reactionary and frustrated parent to a confident and empowered parent.” 

Kim Bouck

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What is your emotional age?

Did you know? Your emotional age is a big contributor to your level of peace, motivation and happiness. Most people function as emotional children most of the time because they were never taught otherwise. Ready to find out your emotional age?