This first audio blog will teach you simple steps to build your confidence. Press play and lets’ do it.

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    Marian says:

    My dear friend and associate led me to your podcasts. I am so excited to listen to these. I turned on ep. 1 as I cleaned my kitchen and now I want to clean another room and listen some more…. I found it so interesting…. loved how you said you are curious why your house can be spotless, but your sink is full of dishes…it got me thinking….I am curious why i can have my entire house turned upside down, but HEAVEN FORBID anyone DARE put a dish in the sink! It has been a constant battle for me…. 90% of the world seems like they are like you, and have a clean house and sink of dishes, but I scream and yell at my husband and kids if they put a dish in the sink…I am sure they look around the house and think they are doing something good, but I just want it in the dishwasher. My reasoning is it’s something i (think i) can control…100%….my house can never be 100% clean, organized and tidy, but my sink can be 100% empty. I am looking forward to learning and being more by listening to your podcasts.

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