Ep 102. When You’re Not Feeling the Spirit

What makes us feel The Spirit? Is it doing things like reading our scriptures, saying prayers or going to the temple? If we don’t feel it does it mean we aren’t allowing it or that it’s just not there? What if I’m doing all the right things but I’m not feeling close to God? Today I’m going to teach you what creates that feeling and I hope to correct the way we talk and think about this important part of our experience here on Earth.

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  1. Whittlee Hamblin says:

    Thank you for the “baggage” story! That imagery helped me learn so much about forgiveness. I appreciate how well spoken you are and how simply you explain your thoughts. Keep the wonderful podcasts coming!

  2. Maddy says:

    I agree that our thoughts create our feelings, but “the Spirit” or Holy Ghost is a member of the godhead and IS outside of ourselves. I am not understanding what you mean by feeling the Spirit comes from our thinking only. We are given “the gift of the Holy Ghost” after baptism, how is that only coming from my thinking? I just taught a primary lesson and have been taught my whole life that the Holy Ghost is there to guide and help us. Yes, that is based on our worthiness and if we are “in tune” to hearing it. The Spirit can speak through different ways to different people, in different circumstances. He can warn us, comfort us, up-level our thoughts (aka inspire, encourage, etc) Are you meaning that it’s our thinking that will acknowledge that it’s the Holy Ghost? I guess I am just confused here. What about experiences where people are warned or led without knowing beforehand or ever thinking of the idea themselves?? Experiences where people aren’t thinking about God or even necessarily thinking about anything spiritual and hear that warning voice?

    • Jody Moore says:

      I just believe the Spirit is there and available to us and when we are thinking thoughts that generate peace, love, etc.. then we feel it. We hear it. We are able to utilize it. When we are not… when we are feeling hate, anger, etc… we don’t have access to the Spirit because the thoughts the Spirit invites are not in alignment with those feelings. Even when we are in danger the Spirit will warn and there is not an intense fear behind it. So yes I still believe it all happens in our minds. I don’t claim to understand it all… but many of my clients struggle when they are in the temple and they don’t feel The Spirit. Or they are reading and praying etc… and aren’t feeling anything. So I think we need to own our role in feeling it and not in a way that judges ourselves but to know that our brains have all sorts of things going on in there and we can’t feel the Spirit if our minds are not in alignment with peace and trust and love.

  3. Summer B Hanks says:

    Judy thank you so much! I finally figured out how to leave a comment 🙂 this is one of my favorite episodes. Really helps things come together for me.


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