Judgement never serves us. It’s small minded and fear based and toxic for our Spirits in the long run. Discernment on the other hand is wise and loving and useful to help us feel more love, protect ourselves, and deliberately create the lives we want. Check out today’s episode to minimize judgement and increase discernment in your life.

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    In the book “True to the Faith”, published by the Church and on LDS.org it reads “While it is true that you should not condemn others or judge them unrighteously, you will need to make judgments of ideas, situations, and people throughout your life.” (This is under the section “Judging Others”) I always thought as I was growing up that I should never judge. I would judge, because I’m human, but thought it was unrighteousness of me. Then after reading in “True to the faith” my personal motto became “judge righteously and condemn not”. I sincerely enjoyed your podcast and will spend time pondering an even better motto of just “use discernment”. The word discernment has a posivitive connotation. And of course I completely agree that it needs to be based in Love. Thanks Jody!


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