Ep 111. Pornography

In the LDS Church we’re counseled to stay away from pornography and taught that it can have a negative impact on relationships and on the home and family. Today I want to teach you more about what goes on in the brain with pornography and my goal is to minimize the damage that pornography can cause in your home and your life if you or someone you love struggles with it. I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife about this topic and I don’t believe there is a need to be disgusted, fearful or worried. Your brain may believe that being worried and disgusted is useful, but I assure you it is not. What if viewing porn, while not an ideal choice, is a result of the same brain patterns as eating brownies with ice cream? What if, while it’s not recommended, it’s also nothing to be so fearful or shaming over? What would change in the way we talk about and help someone through this addiction if we completely removed the disgust and shame and fear? Let’s begin with us. Today I’m going to teach you how.

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  1. Ida Ewing says:

    Jody – Great podcast. We need to challenge our shame narrative around pornography and deal with it in more healthy ways. You did a wonderful job of exploring the process and meanings of porn use. I want to challenge you on one thing though. You never once used a feminine pronoun or talked about daughters or wives viewing porn. This is not a gender issue. Making it a gender issue reinforces our LDS story that women are asexual, never have urges, curiosities or desires and only exist sexually to deal with the more accepted sexuality of the men in their lives – husbands and sons. How is a woman or girl supposed to deal in a healthy way with her experience with porn if it is only framed in terms of men? Talk about adding a level of shame and isolation! I understand that you may be speaking from your client base experience but again, it is acceptable (if difficult) to deal with a husband’s or son’s use of porn. But is it the same to be open about a wife’s or daughter’s struggle with it? Something to think about. I love your podcast. And Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife. I consider you both to be women of wisdom and substance.


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