We have so much knowledge about how to take care of ourselves physically. We teach our kids about nutrition and we understand the value of exercise. We brush our teeth even when we don’t have a toothache. All of this in the name of physical hygiene. But when it comes to our mental and emotional health most people have no idea where to begin with hygiene. Today I’m going to help you get started. To begin with I’ll talk about some of the most common mental injuries including failure, rejection or judgement, disappointment and those sucker-punches life delivers us at times. Then I’m going to give you three main strategies to practice mental hygiene which will help you recover from mental injuries as well as develop mental resilience. I’ll teach you about becoming a curious watcher of your mind, becoming love and gratitude, and operating in full faith and trust in God. Press plan and let’s get to work on your mental health.

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    Leah says:

    You always have such great things to say. I was saddened to hear the things people said to you in regards to the “bus email”. I never once thought those things when I read it—I get that you were trying to be grateful for the small things in life and some people obviously missed the main point. I think, too, that people we hold in high regard or see as “leaders” in our lives, we tend to hold them to higher standards. I see this in the LDS church, where people criticize authority figures more than they would a “regular person” because they are supposed to “know better”. Maybe that’s what happened here because I think many people see you as a leader in this field of brain work and being a good mom.

    And it’s so true that we sometimes hold our own “righteousness” over people’s heads to make ourselves feel better. I know I’ve done it, “well I’m a better mom because I read to my kids every night and hug them everyday”. I think I am a good mom for doing that but I don’t have to think I’m better. Moms that feel like they want a break from their kids are not “worse moms” then those who spend every waking moment with their kids. It’s just different, so let’s just allow people to be different and still love and appreciate them for the amazing things they do. And you are amazing, Jody! Thank you so much for this work you’re doing ❤️

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      Savannah Torsney says:

      Hi there! I recently started listening to your podcast and am now listening daily! Your podcast has become a part of my good mental hygiene and I am beyond thankful that I happened to stumble upon it! I absolutely love your views on how to change our thinking! Working on changing my thinking and outlook has helped me become a better wife. Thank you for sharing such inspiring content!

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    Jojo says:

    Thank you so much for this! It is exactly what I needed today. I really appreciate the idea of just being love and trusting God!
    Also, I can’t stop laughing about the bus judgers! I too am thankful for school busses! I too have kids at multiple schools who all leave at different times! The busses allow me to really focus and give attention to each child as they start their day, rather than rushing to get everyone into the car together, then drag them around to all the different schools!

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    Tracy says:

    Dear Jody,
    Thank you for bringing your love and gratitude to your podcasts. Your words encourage me everyday to move and grow in my understanding of faith in Heavenly Father as well as faith in myself. I found your podcast a few months back by “chance” or divine intervention. When I found your podcast I was in the depths of depression for some time . My family has a lot of mental illness, depression, anxiety as well as bipolar. I feared that I was going down this path that i didn’t have the tools to overcome the “:family history”. with your podcast and help from my therapist I have learned that I am in control of my thoughts and I am in control of my mental health. I learned that I can be happy and feel joy in my life no matter what season I am in. I am happy I found your words.

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    Darice Ballard says:

    Thank you for this podcast. This is my first comment I am sorry I haven’t written one until now I have been listening to your podcasts for 3 months now and I love all you have to say. I completely understand what you were saying with the school bus we are lucky to be on this earth and to be able to have our children experience all the things life has to offer. I wish my kids could experience the school bus I drive them every day because they get to experience a charter school that I am so grateful for. Along the lines of the rest of the podcast I am becoming more aware of my thoughts. I do have more questions for you Im trying to feel the love and my beautiful 15 yr old that I dearly love making some choices that I am not a fan of. Its so hard to be in charge of my thoughts when those circumstances come up.

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