I learned so much from reading Carol Dweck’s book about a growth versus a fixed mindset that helped me really recognize a lot of fixed mindset early on in my daughter. On today’s episode I’m teaching what Dweck has discovered through her research and how to talk to your kids in a way that fosters a growth mindset to set them up for confidence and fulfillment. But for the majority of this episode I’m interviewing my 10-year-0ld daughter Macy. I wanted to give you a real life example of how I talk to my kids about the things I teach here on this podcast. It’s not perfect, but it is real. My hope is it will be useful to you and possibly appropriate for your young daughters to hear as well. Enjoy.

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  1. Bridget yates says:

    Thanks, I am also ten Macy!!
    I struggle through the same thing you struggle with.
    You should ask your mom to put you on more podcast !!! I would LOVE to here from you again!!????????.
    I moved from a different place so I get it.i think you should be a life coach for kids!!???? -BRIDGET y.

    • Jody Moore says:

      Bridget thanks for listening! I will share this with Macy. She’ll be so excited to read it. Best of luck on your new home and remember… things will get easier!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    What a beautiful podcast. Macy is adorable!! One piece of advice I’d like to offer. Remember that telling Macy that when people act out negatively, telling her they are jealous is only sometimes true. I have a friend who tells her children this as well. The problem is that other people are annoyed at their self centered behavior and are reacting to them negatively. So when their mother tells them people are jealous they lose the chance to look at their actions and see that people aren’t jealous they are annoyed at their behavior. So what I have to offer is are these other people jealous? Or are they annoyed, irritated, or a whole different array of negative emotions? And, what can we learn about ourselves in this space? Have a beautiful day!

    • Jody Moore says:

      Hi Elizabeth –
      I respectfully disagree. I don’t want my daughter to believe she needs to change her behavior because of how other people are feeling. Other people are responsible for their own emotions. I coach so many women who want to make the people around them feel a certain way and it’s not necessary or useful. They feel like they aren’t doing a good job because of COURSE we can’t control other people’s emotions and then they feel terrible. I don’t want my daughter to get that message. Instead, I want to teach my daughter to be kind and polite and generous because it feels so good to be those things because that’s what her Spirit genuinely is. But not do to it to try to make other people feel any certain way.I’m not actually concerned with what the emotion the other person is feeling is. Jealousy, irritation, frustration etc… All of it is the other person’s responsibility so I don’t teach my daughter to figure out what that is. If she thinks it’s jealousy I go with that. The focus is always on her behaving at her best not on trying to change how other people feel.

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