When we have a challenge, most of us become focused on figuring out what to do. We share advice with one another about what to do and we search for the right action to solve the problem. But none of our action is as effective as it could be if we stop and align our intentions first. Intentionality creates a more effective result whether you’re lifting weights or disciplining your child. Today I’m teaching you more about this concept and how to utilize it in your life.

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    Michelle says:

    Jody, thank you for sharing so much goodness! I love all the mind tools you give me access to.

    You mention in this podcast episode that you used to work as a corporate trainer and leadership coach. My husband owns and operates an optometry practice in rural Colorado. I am looking into options to help him change the culture at his practice (there are people problems, mostly due to the fact the my husband went to school and learned how to be an eye doctor, and not how to manage people).

    Quick question: do you have any ideas or resources to help in the regard?

    I have taken the Arbinger 2-day course on changing to an outward mindset (https://arbingerinstitute.com/diom.html) and I am thinking of taking their “train the trainer” course so I can then help my husband and his employees have better working relationships and culture. But, now I’m wondering what other options might be out there.

    Thank you in advance for your time and expertise in this matter! I really want to help spread the peace that is available and I admire you and look to you as a huge potential resource person in this arena!

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    Darci says:

    I was recently referred to your podcast by a friend and LOVE it! This episode was mind blowing for me and I also loved your Confidence one that I just listened to this am. Looking forward to enjoying many more episodes. I don’t usually take the time to leave reviews but just had to thank you! Also, thx for being amazing and sharing your coaching tools and enthusiasm for becoming our best selves! Keep shining bright!!!

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