Today I’m teaching you the way to have deeper, more fulfilling friendships and how to show up when you meet new people in a way that feels confident and helps you attract your tribe. We’re also talking about what to do when you don’t get invited out and you’re feeling hurt about that. Tune in to learn how to be and have great friends so you can maximize this amazing part of this life.


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  1. Paige says:

    This episode came at the perfect time for me. Immediately when I got the notification my heart dropped. It was an answer to my prayers, thank you so much Jody!

  2. Virginia says:

    Hi Jody! I wondered if this might be something you’ve experienced/managed – I’m a new mom, and friends and family are often telling me to savor every moment because it all goes so quickly. They bemoan how quickly children grow up. Some of my friends seem to be nostalgic for their children’s current stage before they’ve even grown out of it. The emotions seem to be wistfulness, regret, or dissatisfaction with the pace of childhood or life. It seems negative to me. Is this an inevitable part of parenthood, or can I choose not to feel these ways?

    • Alisa says:

      Virginia, I believe people who tell you to enjoy it while it lasts are having some personal regrets and are trying to live through you. Not every day is going to be enjoyable when you’re raising children and it’s totally okay that you don’t enjoy it all the time. I think a more appropriate way to say it is to notice the moments as tiny or as big or as tiny as they may be that are enjoyable. This life is not the end to our existence. The more enjoyable moments within our existence are yet to come. Find joy in that and the moments that come with your children. But don’t stress if you feel like you’ve missed a moment when you should have been joyful and you weren’t. And the people who tell you to enjoy your children while they’re little let them babysit them for a long time and tell them to enjoy every single minute of it.

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