Ever feel like your prayers aren’t being answered? Well, it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, but today I’m sharing some insight based on the tools I use as a Coach as well as examples from the Book of Mormon about how to pray in the most effective way. Tune in as I talk about why prayer is so good for your brain and your life and share some insight about what to pray for to leverage this amazing tool Heavenly Father has given us.

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    Rebecca Flitton says:

    Jody, thank you. That episode was powerful. I’ve never lost faith in the power of prayer, but I have felt a hesitancy to pray. I believe the four things that you shared will be immensely helpful to me (and probably a lot of other people) as I approach my prayers differently from now on.

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    Leah says:

    Every time I listen to your podcast I just want to jump on a plane and come sit in your living room so we can talk for another hour about everything I learned and thought about from listening to you! Thanks so much for putting your thoughts out there, and even when I don’t agree I still love it and think it’s fascinating to debate the various point in my head. 😆

    Also, thank you so much for that moment when you talked about Heavenly Mother. I just felt the spirit so strongly and I got very emotional as well. I never thought about that and so it really opened my eyes to another way of thinking. Your points about prayer also helped me to have a little more trust in God and focus on feeling His love for me. I have issues with trust because of fear and not understanding God’s character. And it’s usually the worst when I haven’t actively been feeling His love for a while. So thank you for the reminder that I can access that at anytime through prayer. Thanks for all you do Jody!

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