The clutter. The chaos. It’s everywhere. You agree that having it organized would be life-changing and magical but it’s so overwhelming. Allow me to introduce Shira Gill. Shira is not only a professional organizer, she’s also a Certified Life Coach and today she’s allowing us to steal some tips and tricks to allow you to get started tackling the toy bin, the pantry, your sock drawer, and even your closet. I’ll be going through Shira’s program over the next two weeks and want to invite you to join me over on Instagram and share what you’re working on.

To learn more about Shira and join me in her Closet Makeover Program CLICK HERE

Find Shira on Instagram @shiragill

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    Sarah says:

    I love your podcasts!! I have listened for just over a year and have learned and implemented much of what you teach. I do have a question though that I haven’t heard you speak about. Often the you are teaching about marriage you comment that it is important to meet your own needs, that you don’t expect your husband to meet your needs, because you meet your needs. My question comes in with physical needs. I am a faithful member of the LDS church and obviously believe sex is just for marriage! I have been faithful to my spouse and don’t have a crazy sex drive or anything, but Physical touch is a number one love language for me. Not necessarily sexual touch but just touch in general. I feel very insecure when I haven’t been kissed, hugged or touched much. How do I meet those needs myself? Ideas?

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    Jordan says:

    I am a regular listener to your podcast. I really like your advice and the things you share. You are someone who has your head squarely on! 😊

    I have a comment about this podcast and I’m not sure how you will take it… Here goes.

    I am a girl who loves the Savior. I am so grateful for what He and Heavenly Father have done for me and my family. It hurts my heart and makes me feel sad when people disrespect someone whom I revere and love so much by taking His named in vain. I understand that not everyone feels the same way about Deity as I do. But, it really hurt when I heard your presenter use the name of God so haphazardly, without thought or without respect, and do it multiple times. The first time it happened, I let it go, somewhat. When it happened the second time, I had to turn off the podcast. That was my personal stance, for Heaven.

    I wanted to share my feelings with you. I hope that my comment will be taken in the spirit it was written. I am not out to put anyone down. I just wanted to let you know how I felt by listening to this podcast today. I hope to listen to your podcast again, soon. Thanks, Jody.

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