The idea that we should get married, then try to meet one another’s needs sounds like a nice one in theory, but in reality, it causes more problems and puts distance and resentment in homes and families. Today I’m breaking down the concept of meeting your own needs. I want to clarify what this means and why I believe this is what Heavenly Father wants for us. We’ll touch on the Family Proclamation and I’ll explain why this helps couples be closer and stronger than ever. Don’t miss this one if you are married or plan to be any time soon.

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  1. Avatar says:

    Jody this one is so perfect! I needed it and I know lots of others that need it to!!! Thank you so much for sharing this today! Xoxo!!

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    Isabelle says:

    This is so good . It is so freeing ! I also teach this to my teens and young adult children . It’s just so healthy and a recipe for success !

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    Alisa Jenkins says:

    I agree that I need to be responsible for my own happiness. I want to clear up some things that you said. It’s my understanding that managing my needs and meeting my own needs are the same thing. Is this what you meant?

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