When we share our testimonies at church we often say, “I know this church is true.” We find great peace in knowing it’s true. So when I teach people the CTFAR model they often want to put their religious beliefs in the circumstance line. When I tell them their beliefs go in the thought line, they think I’m suggesting they should question their testimony or that I’m denying these beliefs in some way. Today I want to explain why our beliefs go in the thought line, and why this is very good news. Why this can provide you ultimate peace and comfort and why understanding this can help create better results in your life.

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    Tyler Slack says:

    Jody, thank you! In the last few years, I’ve been going through a faith-transition. When I opened up to my wife about it, it was devastating. It turned our world upside down. We attended couples therapy together and learned how to effectively communicate for the first time in 21 years of marriage. Effective communication likely saved our marriage, but me and my wife finding your podcast brought better-than-happy into our lives!

    My wife found you first. She started to change in ways that were unbelievable to me. Things that I had been doing differently that she was hurt by suddenly didn’t hurt her any longer. She was accepting me again for the first time since I told her I no longer believed. She told me that your podcasts (and I recently found out she had also been subscribing to your Be Bold coaching program) were making a difference for her. I was so blown away by the change that I also began to listen.

    As I listened, I started to apply the lessons to my life and the result has been amazing! I’m currently an IT Director, but not for too much longer. I want to help people the way that you have helped me. I’m on the wait list for October with Brooke! I can’t wait for this next phase of my journey to begin!

    So, again, thank you! I wanted to help you reach your iTunes review goal by leaving an actual review, but I’m not an iTunes user and apparently reviews on that platform are done from within the app? I’d still be happy to review your amazing podcast if you can point me in another direction.

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    Gina Ashby says:

    Dear Jody, I love you and all the good you share. Had you titled this podcast “What is BELIEF?” I would be in total agreement with you. Belief is a thought, and is up for grabs. However, TRUTH is not just a thought. It comes from God, stands alone, and remains true whether or not it can be proven by humans or if we choose to believe it. Absolute truth is a circumstance and will be proven either here by the witness of the Holy Ghost or after this mortal life, by God Himself. There are relative truths and absolute truths. People couldn’t prove the earth was round for a large part of our history, had thoughts about it being flat, and believed it was flat, but the reality (and circumstance) is that the earth is round. When talking about the gospel and divine truth, we are talking about absolute truths—which remain true no matter who believes. Jesus Christ being our Savior is indeed a circumstance and a truth. It happened. He came. He provided a perfect sacrifice and rescued us. And hallelujah for that reality!

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      Jody Moore says:

      I believe that as well. But many people in the world do not. Thus it is not a fact. If it were factual we wouldn’t need faith, right? Heavenly Father wants us to have faith in things that aren’t prove-able facts. I wonder why? I think he has a brilliant reason.

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    Shannon says:

    Just curious if you ever have your podcasts available later in a PDF format so it can be read? I like to take notes on what I listen to and sometimes I don’t have a notebook close so it would be nice to be able to quickly look back through to get the thoughts that I connected with.

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