We talk about “mommy guilt” like it’s just something that comes with the role of being a mom. But it’s not. It’s not necessary and it’s not helpful. It doesn’t allow inspiration to find you. It keeps you blocked and frustrated and disconnected. Today I break down why it’s a prevalent problem and help you think about it differently. Press play if you experience more mommy guilt than you want to.

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    Theresa Taubman says:

    I loved this podcast. I am a new follower and started binge listening to your podcast. What amazing information you are sharing with us all!! This is awesome. Thank you! I am a mom, soon to be 2 daughters (due in 6 weeks with my second daughter!). And just last week I thought to myself as I dropped my crying 2 year old off at daycare, “There must be something wrong with me. Most mother’s would be so sad to leave their child crying, but I am not sad at all.” In fact, I was excited because I was getting to go to work. And I LOVE what I do for a living. It is a part of me and has been a part of me for years before I had my daughter. I was so lucky because I landed my dream job very early in my career. Anyway, I am glad you shared this podcast about “mommy guilt” and I am glad I am not alone in not experiencing it – well at least not experiencing it the way some of other mom’s have shared with me. Thank you!!

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