Sometimes it’s hard to say no but failing to do so can lead to a life that is less than authentic. In fact it’s living in dishonesty or at the least without full integrity for yourself and others. There is no room in your life or mine for this. Today I’m breaking down some of the reasons why it’s hard to say no and giving you some ways to know when you should say YES even if it’s something you’re sort of afraid of or not thrilled about. Then I provide you with three ways to say no. Pick one and try it today.

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    Kate Pratt says:

    I can remember when someone asked me to do something multiple times, and the first two times I declined (“that just won’t work for me at this time…, etc”) then the last time she asked I finally just had to say “no” and use no other words. So, there are times when you have to stay strong and repeatedly say no.

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      Jody says:

      It’s true. But also consider did you really say “no” or did you say “not now,” so she took it to mean, “ask me again later.” 🙂

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    Holli says:

    True story: Last week, I was wrapping up mutual night when I saw a dad in the lobby there to pick up one of our young women. I knew his wife had left for a week because of a family situation and that he’d be caring for their many children alone. Out of compassion and habit I told him to let me know if he needed anything. To my surprise, he did need help and mentioned some things I could do. Immediately I crashed back to reality… The one wherein I’d be working overtime and getting very little sleep because of a huge work event. I felt so foolish when I had to get out of it later. I’ve noticed that I have a hard time saying no AND a hard time not volunteering my time before I’ve considered my needs and my family’s needs.

    I really needed this podcast and I see how it’s a common problem among Mormon women!

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    Emily says:

    I love this. I really like the idea of being honest with others AND myself. I struggle with wanting to please everyone and often commit to things that I really don’t energy/desire to do, then let the internal conflict stress me out. I’m going to try out the idea of offering to help in other ways, and changing my thoughts so that I can be genuine and help from a space of love rather than fear. Thank you!

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