Sometimes we’re grateful that other people are good at things we’re not good at. Other times we wonder why everyone isn’t like us and at times we even find it very annoying and inconvenient. But we are all different and of course this is a good thing. Today I’m sharing with you 3 theories about strengths and weaknesses. The first comes from Marcus Buckingham and will give you a completely new definition for strengths and weaknesses. The second from Simon Sinek who keeps blowing my mind and I think you’ll agree. Finally I’m sharing my own take on strengths and weaknesses and will include some Mormon doctrine. All of it is for our good in the end.

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  1. […] This is how Jody described it in her podcast episode called Strengths and Weaknesses… […]

  2. […] Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash As I was walking up the stairs this morning, I saw a paper taped to the wall that had some information and a few names of people that I know, but not really well.  My initial reaction when I saw this paper was that I felt a mixture of negative emotions.  The subject matter of this paper and the names of the people that were on it triggered some thoughts and stirred up some feelings inside me. I felt a little threatened and annoyed by these women and their strengths.  A minute or so later I recognized that I was feeling a mixture of shame and pride at the same time, mostly shame though. But then I had the thought come to me “you don’t have to make this about you. This isn’t about you. Stop focusing on how this could make you feel bad about yourself and start focusing on the good things. Instead of thinking things like “I am not a fun friend who is good at hosting things like Barbara is; I am not cool enough or a good enough mom to do the things that Frannie is doing with her kids; etc.” I could start thinking “Isn’t it great that Frannie is so good at being a loving and selfless mom? Isn’t it great that Barbara is good at hosting parties and making people feel loved?”   Changing my thoughts and seeing these other women’s traits in a positive light, rather than making them mean something negative about me instantly turned my mood around and took a burden off my shoulders.  I thought about how I want to be more proactive with seeing the good in others.  I want to notice, appreciate, and celebrate other’s strengths and not making their accomplishments and strengths mean anything negative about me. I had the idea come to me that I should start doing something that I am calling “What’s in Her (or his) Suitcase?”  First let me explain what I mean by this… Photo by Damir Bosnjak on Unsplash Jody Moore talks about how we each came to earth with a suitcase. This suitcase was packed by Heavenly Father and it has gifts, talents, abilities, the things we need, our strengths, etc. Each of us has one of these and they are all unique. No one’s suitcase is better than anyone else’s. This is how Jody described it in her podcast episode called Strengths and Weaknesses… […]

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