Today I’m going to begin by sharing a bit about my journey to becoming a Life Coach. Then we’re going to learn about self-actualization. This term, coined by Abraham Maslow, is one most people have heard of but few understand. Today we’re breaking down the 12 characteristics of a self-actualized person and learning more about how to reach this pinnacle in human development for ourselves. Finally, I’m going to tell you why Life Coaching is exactly like the i-Phone. Trust me.

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  1. Avatar says:

    I thank God that I had the courage to reach out to you. Thanks for showing courage when you needed help so you could help me.

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    Robyn says:

    I just want to say thank you!! A little over a year ago, I found myself (mentally) in a really bad place, and my life was spy-rolling down hill faster than I felt I could grasp. I was introduced to your podcast. As I started listening, I felt like was being given the tools I needed to help me get through certain trails at the time. (It’s amazing how fast you can go through information when you are literally eating up every word, or so it felt like that). It only took me 2 weeks to catch up, there may have been some neglect during this time but we are all still alive… so win win. My sister and I now have a word when we are having an issue and need to work through it… we call it being “Jodyfied”
    Thank you for seeing your calling, and allowing it to help others!!

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    Brooke says:

    This was so fun to listen to because I’m a USU journalism grad, too, who also loved Dr. Lyon’s class. =) Thanks for sharing part of your journey!

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