I’ve pulled some of the questions sent in by listeners and I’m answering them for you on today’s episode. These questions were selected because of the relevance I know they’ll have for so many of you listening. I’ll answer questions such as:

“Where should I begin when I need a complete life make-over? How do I deal with the challenge of living with my parents? How do I forgive myself and my Bishop?” and “How do I let go of the need to be in control?” Check it out friends.

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  1. Jamie Harper says:

    You read my email!! And I didn’t ask a question! I feel so honored to be read on your podcast. The funny part is that it happen to be the first time my husband was listening in. As I was yelling, “she’s reading my email!!” He was saying, “Wait? what do you mean I threw a tantrum?!?” LOL! Anyway, I’m so bummed I didn’t get a chance to have a question answered on your podcast! So I’ll try again with a question and hope I get the privilege again of being read by Jody! Here goes: My 6-year-old daughter hates to be wrong or be called out on sassy or belligerent behavior. She will fight tooth-and-nail that she didn’t use a sassy tone or that whatever action she did wasn’t wrong. For example, the other day she practically yelled at my 4-month-old baby to move out of her way. When I told her that wasn’t an appropriate way to talk to the baby who obviously cant move herself, she told me that she DIDN’T talk mean and that the baby can, in fact, move, “see, she is moving her hands!” and this kind of defensive talk went on and on. It riles me up so much that she wont see that she is wrong and admit any fault. In the end, I get so frustrated, I send her to time out until she’ll admit her wrong doing. It drives me bonkers to be fighting about fact and fiction with a child. Even when I try to begin with patience, understanding, sympathy and love, the end result is usually that I get riled and blow up at her. Help!! What should I be thinking when she is so obviously wrong (and I am so obviously right)… Obviously Jody would never say this because there is no right or wrong only neutral, but still… 🙂

  2. Rischel says:

    Jody, You are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I have learned so much over the past months listening to you. Honestly you were a blessing from a friend who mentioned you to me and it was truly an answer to a prayer. Thanks for all you do, and along with everyone else, I share you with others I talk to. In so many conversations, I find myself thinking “oh, I totally know what Jody would say”. Thanks a ton!!


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