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Ep 118. Mental Hygiene

We have so much knowledge about how to take care of ourselves physically. We teach our kids about nutrition and we understand the value of exercise. We brush our teeth even when we don’t have a toothache. All of this in the name of physical hygiene. But when it comes to our mental and emotional […]

Ep 117. Equal Partners in Marriage

It’s common in a marriage for one person to take a one-up position and the other a one-down. This dynamic can easily get reinforced over time and ultimately causes problems in the marriage. Today I’m taking you on a deeper dive of what each looks like so you can identify where you place yourself in […]

Ep 116. Should You Have More Babies?

How do you know if you should have another baby or you’re done? And what if you feel you should have more but your husband is done? How do we know what Heavenly Father wants for us and how can we find peace about such a big decision? Today I’m taking you through the process […]

Ep 115. Zoom In or Zoom Out

When you’re in an emergency situation your brain knows to laser focus in on what’s happening right here right now. It’s one of the amazing functions of the amygdala. But when we’re in the midst of a trial or challenge, zooming in to have a more short-term focus can be useful. It can help you […]

Ep 114. Circumstances Are Neutral

Circumstances are neutral. Always. Our brains don’t always want to embrace this and often don’t remember it, but it’s still true. Today I’m teaching you three things that prevent us from really understanding this. Number one, we have memorized thought loops that have to be retrained in our brains or the feeling we have about […]

Ep 113. Appreciation, Gratitude, Abundance and Desire

When we operate from gratitude and abundance, we attract more goodness into our lives. We get to experience the world differently. We get to feel what we desire to feel right here and right now even without anything changing or without having anything different. Today I’m teaching you about appreciation (which I like to utilize […]

Ep 112. I Learned This From My Mama

I have an amazing mom. Seriously. The best. She’s been on my mind a lot lately as she is battling some health issues and my heart is hurting for her. Today I want to share with you 20 things I learned from her so as to share her with all of you and pay tribute […]

Ep 111. Pornography

In the LDS Church we’re counseled to stay away from pornography and taught that it can have a negative impact on relationships and on the home and family. Today I want to teach you more about what goes on in the brain with pornography and my goal is to minimize the damage that pornography can […]

Bonus Episode. Real Questions & Real Answers

Last week I did a Q/A call. You showed up and brought amazing questions! I loved answering them from you and wanted everyone who couldn’t be there to benefit from hearing them. It’s the real life application of this work that makes it life altering. Check it out here. Real questions. Real answers. CLICK HERE […]

Ep 110. Three Types of People

There are three types of people operating in this world. The first type of person doesn’t realize that they are the cause of all of their emotions and outcomes in life. They believe that outside forces are the reason and they delegate the responsibility to them leaving themselves powerless in their lives. The second type […]