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Ep 165. Meeting Your Own Needs in Marriage

The idea that we should get married, then try to meet one another’s needs sounds like a nice one in theory, but in reality, it causes more problems and puts distance and resentment in homes and families. Today I’m breaking down the concept of meeting your own needs. I want to clarify what this means […]

Ep 164. Organize Like A Pro with Shira Gill

The clutter. The chaos. It’s everywhere. You agree that having it organized would be life-changing and magical but it’s so overwhelming. Allow me to introduce Shira Gill. Shira is not only a professional organizer, she’s also a Certified Life Coach and today she’s allowing us to steal some tips and tricks to allow you to […]

Ep 161. To the Teenagers

Today’s episode is a special back to school message for your youth. Please help me share it with them and check it out yourself. You might be surprised at how much you’ll learn. To grab a seat at Better Than Happy Live visit jodymoore.com/bthlive To register for Foundations of Marriage with Natalie Clay visit jodymoore.com/marriage

Ep 158. “How” is None of Your Business

Most people are searching for the answers to “how” to achieve the things they want to in life. They think if they can figure out how, then they will believe it is possible and then they will go for it. Today I want to teach you why this is backwards and how to let go […]