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Happy Girls are Pretty and Other Truths we Forget

The best way to get what you want is to begin at the end. Really. It feels counterintuitive but it’s absolutely true in every case. That’s what I love about this Audrey Hepburn quote. I tend to want to believe that pretty girls are happier but the truth is, happy girls are the prettiest. ALSO…

A Word About “You Never Know” – Mormon Channel Video

Last fall the church released this video (It’s about 8 1/2 minutes long! Check it out!) on Mormon Channel.org called, “You Never Know.” The woman in the video is wearing a ring on her left hand, but there is no man in sight. Let’s assume he is on a huntin’ trip. If you’ve never lived in Utah […]

Why Your Mind Thinks It IS a Competition

You’ve heard it over and over again. It’s not a competition. I say it to my kids and I say it to my clients and I say it to myself every darn day and yet my mind loves to go to a place of comparison. Especially when I think I’m the loser in this Pepsi […]

Tricks Your Married Mind Will Play

I have a dear friend getting married this weekend. I’m so thrilled for her. She’s wise enough not to fall for “happily ever after” but strong enough to create any kind of world she wants with this brilliant man. I’ve not yet met said man, but based on the one big choice I’m aware he’s […]

To the Rebellious Mormon Woman

My Dad really hates to be told what to do and my mom, in her own words, loves things that are “irreverent.” So you can see why obedience is a challenge for me, the product of their mischevious DNA.

5 Reasons to Keep Sending Christmas Cards

My mailbox is located a full block away from my house and generally, the only mail I receive is a bunch of credit card applications disguised to look like the checks I’ve been expecting ever since Oprah told me about The Secret. Since I hate getting punked and I’m too lazy to load the baby […]

Look Up

Once a week, I teach a Turbo Kick class at the gym with around 25 participants on average. In the last month or so, attendance at my class has dwindled a bit. Last night I showed up to teach Turbo Kick and there were TWO people there to take my class. TWO PEOPLE. My mind […]

Mom Secrets – What I Teach and Why Part III

When I was in High School I secretly wanted to have 8 children. Not right then…but when I was older and married. I kept it a secret because I was pretending to be cool, but I secretly wanted nothing more than to be a mom. Soon after my husband and I had our first child, […]

The Husband Manual

We recently bought a new car. I feel very spoiled and fancy driving around breathing in that new car smell, not even wondering whether or not it will start in the Target parking lot and not tossing goldfish onto the ground “for the birds” as I get my infant out of his car seat. Not […]