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Are You Numbing Yourself to Happiness?

I used to think that people who engaged in numbing behaviors were people who have unhealthy addictions to things like drinking, drugs or gambling. It wasn’t until I learned more about this topic that I realized everybody, no matter how disciplined or healthy, engages in numbing at times, and the impact it has on our […]

Confessions of a Scaredey-Cat

Now that I’ve put a few blog posts out there in the world I feel myself compelled to confess a few things to anyone who might be reading. IF anyone is reading, besides my mom that is. I try to be very genuine in every post I write and to allow myself to be vulnerable […]

The Happy Childhood Predicament

I’m willing to bet my entire shoe collection that your childhood wasn’t perfect. Your parents weren’t perfect. “I’ll NEVER do that with MY kids,” you probably told yourself over and over again even if your mother was June Cleaver. Or maybe you had a very difficult, awful even unspeakable childhood. However, if you look back […]

How to Get Exactly What You Want

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about how society is full of selfishness, greed and ingratitude. While you certainly can find examples of this without much effort, I would like to suggest that it is not the norm.

Is Your Pain Clean or Dirty?

Clean pain is a part of life. It is necessary. It helps us grow and heal. Allowing it is important. Resisting it hurts worse than the pain itself. It’s the deep sadness you feel after losing a loved one. It’s the hurt you feel after being betrayed. It’s the fear you feel upon losing a job. […]

5 Ways to Survive Your Kids’ Homework

There’s something really magical about back to school time, and something really painful too. The new clothes, sharp pencils, cool weather and return to a productive routine are all things I loved as a child and I still love as a parent. Now that I am a mom I also get the benefit of a […]

Start looking forward to Tuesdays

I think Tuesday is one of the most neglected days of the week. Monday gets a lot of attention for being sort of a pain. Wednesday is half way through. Friday through Sunday are loved for obvious reasons. Even Thursday is now beloved as a throw-back day so it’s gaining popularity thanks to social media. […]

What other people think is none of your business

Most of us have some need for approval that ranges from caring somewhat about what others think to needing an approval patch to help curb the addiction. But what other people think is none of your business. It’s also not about you. It’s about them. If it were about you, everyone who met you would […]

Massive Action – You’ve Got This

I just listened to a podcast about taking massive action by the fabulous Brooke Castillo. AMAZING! I committed to a blog post every day for the next 30 days. I won’t e-mail you every day because your inbox space is valuable and I don’t want to fill it all up, but you can check back here for quick […]