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Ep 134. Sensations and Emotions

The body is an amazing creation that provides an internal navigation system for helping us navigate what is useful and what is dangerous. It gives us physical clues (sensations) and emotional clues (emotions). Today I want to challenge you to really tap into what’s going on and ask yourself whether it’s a sensation or an […]

Ep 132. How to Help Your Troubled Child

If you have a child you want to help or motivate or change in some way… this episode is for you. First Ask yourself WHY you want to change them. It’s always so we can feel better. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong or you should let go of it in every case but really be […]

Ep 131. Your Future Self

Spending time with my future self has made a huge difference in what I create in my life. What will you look like in the future? What will you think about and what will you have done? Your future self has so much wisdom and if you learn to ask her, she will help you […]

Ep 130. Be Bold Pillars Part 5: Contribution

Making a contribution in the world is an important part of a fulfilling life. Today I want to teach you more about how to find your zone of genius. It begins by finding fulfillment in whatever you do right now. Then to keep making progress to become the person you have the potential to become. […]

Ep 129. Be Bold Pillars Part 4: Money

I love making money. Most people think that making money means sacrificing your time and effort and giving up part of yourself in exchange for money. The harder you work and more you sacrifice, the more money you can make. I believe different. I believe that rather than sacrifice yourself, the best way to make […]

Ep 128. Be Bold Pillars Part 3: Confidence

Confidence. It feels amazing and it makes you better at anything you’re trying to do. Confidence is the solution to so many problems we create for ourselves from people pleasing to worry to relationship problems. We’re spending some time today learning about the opposite of confidence, shame, and then I’m teaching you how to build […]

Ep 125. Mindset and Special Guest Macy Moore

I learned so much from reading Carol Dweck’s book about a growth versus a fixed mindset that helped me really recognize a lot of fixed mindset early on in my daughter. On today’s episode I’m teaching what Dweck has discovered through her research and how to talk to your kids in a way that fosters […]