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Ep 125. Mindset and Special Guest Macy Moore

I learned so much from reading Carol Dweck’s book about a growth versus a fixed mindset that helped me really recognize a lot of fixed mindset early on in my daughter. On today’s episode I’m teaching what Dweck has discovered through her research and how to talk to your kids in a way that fosters […]

Ep 124. Focus on Starting, Not on Stopping

Our brains are really good at noticing what we don’t want, what’s not right, and what we need to stop doing. But the things we focus on are the things we give energy, attention and power to. So if you have a habit you are trying to change, try focusing on what you want to […]

Ep 123. How I Grew My Business

I’ve learned so many things as I’ve built this business over the last few years and I want to share it with you to help you achieve the goals you are working towards. I’ve had so much help from mentors, support from family, and divine guidance that I can’t take the credit for, but today […]

Ep 122. Happiness with Hank Smith

I love it when you put a request out and people show up in droves to make it happen. I asked for your help getting Hank Smith on the podcast and you all pulled through. Thanks so much for helping make it happen. I love this conversation with Hank and I know you will too. […]

Ep 121. Why Try?

Guilt and shame are not useful emotions and not necessary. Everything that happened in the past is exactly how it was supposed to happen. The decisions you made. The events you cherish and the ones you wish you could erase forever. All of it is right on track. In addition, making the best choice you […]

Ep 119. Mirroring Emotions

Most people are living their lives unconscious of what is creating their emotions and a portion of this includes mirroring the emotions of others. We get mad that our husbands are mad about something. We worry about our children when they are worried. We feel negative about our sisters’ negativity. This is a tool I […]