Leprechauns and Your Fixed Worth

Ever notice how one act of holiday kindness becomes a tradition in your kids’ minds as soon as you execute? Decorate the night before their birthday JUST ONE TIME and every child expects it for every birthday going forward. I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a mess by not realizing this from the beginning. These are the holiday visitors who now come to the Moore home annually:

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Say Yes

Two weeks ago I wrote about how important it is to say no. I believe it wholeheartedly. Some of you had strong opinions about that topic and I’m so glad you shared them. Today, in the name of objective journalism, clarifying my point, and allowing some of you to rest easy, I am writing this Part II, which includes when to say yes. In case you missed it, here is what some people had to say last week:

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10 Tips For Saying NO

As soon as I stopped working at my corporate job, I felt an obligation to volunteer in my kids’ classrooms at school. Their teachers needed the help, my kids loved it when I was there, and I had the time. I couldn’t find a valid reason not to do it. The only problem was, I hated it.

I often turned into that version of myself who can creatively not exactly lie but sort of find an almost true reason not to show up. Even worse, most of the time I did go but still did not fully show up. I was annoyed at being there and unless you’re new to earth, you know that being in a room with 30 kids is even more painful if you show up already annoyed. You know why I did it though, right? Saying no was just too hard.

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3 Reasons Corporate America Made me a Better Mom

I’ve held many jobs in my day and learned valuable lessons from every one of them. People who wait tables are the most fun people on the planet. Cubicles can steal your soul. And telemarketing can be fun if you give yourself a fake name and have a plan for getting a new job asap.

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What My Daughter Said That I Can’t Get Out of My Mind

When my son Isaac got invited to attend a free Taekwondo class with his cousin, he was excited. I, on the other hand, knew exactly what Instructor Eric was up to with this free class and what a dent it might end up putting in my monthly budget. But my husband and I both agreed that despite hearing other parents refer to this sport by the nickname “take-my-dough,” it could be really good for Isaac, and so we took him to the free class and then signed him up like the suckers we are.

Knowing that Taekwondo is equally good for girls I suggested we blow the entire budget and sign Macy up too, but when I approached Macy about it, she said something that I can’t get out of my head. She said, “But what if I’m not good at?” Read more

But What if There’s Not Enough?

Every night as I sleep and re-charge my battery, my beloved MacBook also gets her battery charged on the desk beside me. By morning MacBook is 100% and once I have a Diet Coke and a shower I can at least fake 100% and off we go to shake up the world. MacBook’s battery lasts most of the day and since working puts me in the zone and I never want to stop, I use the end of her battery as a reminder to keep balance in my life and I put her away and focus on my family, my health, my home or anything else that’s not electronic. It’s a beautiful dance we do, MacBook and I.

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Love: An Unexpected Gift For You

Love. It’s the only emotion that has it’s own holiday and it’s responsible for the best and worst music on the planet. Am I right? It’s truly a complicated and fascinating emotion and so in honor of the month of February, I want to share a slight twist on how you might think about love.

If you want to feel the most amazing feeling on the planet, choose love.

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A Love Letter to My Mean Side

I have a very mean side. Sometimes she is mean to other people but most of the time she’s just mean to me. Her name is Pepper because she looks exactly like Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in Iron Man and she is driven and smart and waaaay too perfect but sort of out of touch with reality. Before I named her Pepper, I didn’t exactly realize she existed. I just knew that I felt bad or worried or like I wasn’t good enough sometimes. But then I decided to become friends with her and everything changed.

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Happy Girls are Pretty and Other Truths we Forget

The best way to get what you want is to begin at the end. Really. It feels counterintuitive but it’s absolutely true in every case. That’s what I love about this Audrey Hepburn quote. I tend to want to believe that pretty girls are happier but the truth is, happy girls are the prettiest. ALSO…

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A Word About “You Never Know” – Mormon Channel Video

Last fall the church released this video (It’s about 8 1/2 minutes long! Check it out!) on Mormon Channel.org called, “You Never Know.” The woman in the video is wearing a ring on her left hand, but there is no man in sight. Let’s assume he is on a huntin’ trip. If you’ve never lived in Utah you might think I meant to write “hunting” but if you have lived there, even briefly, you know that’s not a typo.

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