Wanna know what’s easy?

Looking in the mirror and noticing what you don’t like.

Worrying about what could go wrong.

Noticing all the things that aren’t how you thought they would be at this point in your life, and then feeling bad about it.

Blaming other people or other things when you feel bad, or crediting other people or things when you feel good.

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I really do like to sew. If I had an extra 2 kid-free hours every day I would take a nap. But if I had 2 more hours after that, then I would sew. I love to sew because it’s fun and creative and fills a need in me to create something that didn’t exist before. But I do not sew for Halloween. I DO NOT make Halloween costumes for my children because if I did, I’d miss out on one of my favorite Moore family traditions where I buy them a very poorly made, overpriced, unidentifiable (or totally cliché) costume from the store. Read more

According to Matt Miller at the Washington Post, “As many as 100 million Americans live in households today that are earning less than their parents did at a similar age. And this is happening well before we feel the full impact of global economic integration with rising economies like India and China.”

Matt Miller might be right to suggest we worry about this. Perhaps there are global economic and political implications my simple mind doesn’t understand. And perhaps if we aren’t making as much money as our parents did, then we’ve made a wrong turn someplace and should figure out what to do to correct it stat.

Or he could be wrong. Read more

Sara Bareilles sings that line in my favorite part of one of my favorite songs, as I’m sure you know. And it’s what I want you to think about today and here’s why. Read more

Love is my most favorite emotion by FAR. I LOVE to feel love but I also am fascinated by how complicated it is. I believe the reason it’s such a popular topic AND the only emotion with it’s own holiday, is because love is tricky. Read more

The marathon/sprint metaphor is a good one. Even if you’re not a runner, you know what it means. I AM a runner though. I’m a very pathetic runner these days but I have plenty of worthy excuses as to why. I have a family history of bad knees, my “jogging” stroller vibrates like a jackhammer when I run with it, and running makes me tired and sweaty. See…valid reasons. Read more

Connection is an important part of our human experience. Thanks to researchers with good intent but clearly no compassion who locked lonely monkeys in cages decades ago, we know that physical touch is almost as important as food and air. More recently through much more humane and fascinating studies, we know that emotional connection is also extremely important. If you’re interested in this topic check out Brene Brown’s work as a shame researcher for starters.

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What I Teach and Why

If you’ve never heard of Life Coaching, or you’ve heard of it but still couldn’t answer a question about it if you found yourself on Cash Cab, today is your lucky day. By the way if you do end up on Cash Cab give a shout out to my husband… he’ll be watching. I am so loving all the questions I’m getting about Bold New Mom and I decided I’d put some of the answers out to y’all. You know…in case you wondered or didn’t even think to ask. Consider this part 1 of what I anticipate will be a 3 part series but being not a planner, somewhat impulsive and a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind. Read more

I used to think that people who engaged in numbing behaviors were people who have unhealthy addictions to things like drinking, drugs or gambling. It wasn’t until I learned more about this topic that I realized everybody, no matter how disciplined or healthy, engages in numbing at times, and the impact it has on our overall level of happiness.

We do it, quite simply, to escape emotions that don’t feel good. Read more

Now that I’ve put a few blog posts out there in the world I feel myself compelled to confess a few things to anyone who might be reading. IF anyone is reading, besides my mom that is. I try to be very genuine in every post I write and to allow myself to be vulnerable and yet offer tools that have helped me and might help someone else as well. But I have a few things I just need to get off my chest. Thank you for indulging me on this one. Read more