Did you know there is something available that’s better than happy? It’s your most complete life and the most amazing experience available to you. Check out today’s episode where I teach you all about this, clean pain versus dirty pain, and spill the beans about the changes happening her on the podcast.

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    Lindsay van Uitert says:

    Hi Jody,
    I found your podcast about a month ago and have not been able to stop listening. I feel like I found a secret solution to life’s biggest problem. I am truly learning to be happy right where I am at and I am feeling so much compassion for myself, my husband and my family. Thank you for sharing your message. I’m excited about the new name of your podcast because I think my husband can listen now and not think that it’s just for moms.
    I do have a couple questions for you….the first one is, do you have transcripts available for these podcasts? I have a friend who is deaf who would really like to be able to access your podcasts.
    My second question is your views on gay people in the church. I have a friend who found out her 16yr old son is gay. He has been suicidal over this discovery. She and her family have decided to leave the church over it. She feels like any church or God that makes her son feel sucidal has no place in her life. She feels there really is no place for gay people to turn or go to and remain fulfilled and happy on our church. How do you suggest handling a situation like this? It seems like there is no good solution.
    Thank you for your wise words. I will continue to listen and will tell everyone I know about you.
    You are making a difference.

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      Lane says:

      Hi Lindsay, I never reply to these type of things but the timing was uncanny. I had just heard about a very frank book about a child growing up gay in the lds Church. His experience may be very validating and guiding. I think it will start to bring about change in its own way to church culture and awareness. It is called ‘that they may be one’ by Tom Christofferson. It may offer some solace and guidance to your friend. Best, Lane

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