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You’ll never forget the day you brought your child home from the hospital. You thought your heart would explode. You vowed to protect him and love him always.

But life isn’t always easy or kind and you desperately want to keep your promise but sometimes you’re just not sure how.

And the older he gets the more life happens to him. Some of the life happening to him is amazing but much of it is scary and hard.

And when your child is suffering, you can’t help yourself. You suffer right along with him. And just like when he was a baby, you would do anything in your power to help him feel better.

But how?

I’ve got you.

Come to this free class and teach you exactly how.

Everyone says marriage is hard work, but you are exhausted from figuring out what that means.

It seems like time has taken a toll and the two of you just have different opinions, different ways of thinking and different ideas about most everything and you’re not sure what to do.

Especially when he doesn’t seem to want to work on anything.

I have good news for you.

I can help you achieve what you want in your marriage.

Even if you think you’ve tried everything.

This is not Marriage Counseling.

This is much more powerful.

I’ve got you.

Come and see for yourself.