There are three types of people operating in this world. The first type of person doesn’t realize that they are the cause of all of their emotions and outcomes in life. They believe that outside forces are the reason and they delegate the responsibility to them leaving themselves powerless in their lives.

The second type of person doesn’t sit back and remain a victim. Instead they step up and change their circumstances to make things better. This is a step in the right direction but still not the highest way to live. Because while changing a circumstance might provide temporary relief, eventually we catch up to them and find ourselves right back where we started.

The third type of person understands that their work to do when life isn’t as amazing as it could be, is to change their own thoughts, feelings and actions. They do the internal work to become a higher version of themselves. These people still change circumstances when they can, but for a very different reason than the second type of person. They aren’t making the change to get out of pain. They change circumstances when they want to because that part of their life is complete and they are ready for the next one.

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