How do you know if you should have another baby or you’re done? And what if you feel you should have more but your husband is done? How do we know what Heavenly Father wants for us and how can we find peace about such a big decision? Today I’m taking you through the process I take my clients through to make this decision and in the end we always come to realize that the only reason we worry is because of our desire to feel good in the future and to avoid feeling regretful or bad in the future. So let’s remember that the way we feel in the future will be because of what we think in the future. It won’t be because of what we’re thinking now and it absolutely won’t be because we had a baby or didn’t have a baby. The baby is the circumstance. Circumstances are never the reason for our feelings. Once you truly understand this you’ll realize there is no wrong decision. Just make a decision. And carry on.


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    Talese says:

    I have been searching the answer to this podcast question for a long long time! Thank you for answering it for me by helping me change my thinking on the matter. You are such an inspirational person and have changed my life so much. Thank you Jodi. I know this advice will really help my hubby and I get passed this tension we have had been each other about whether to have another baby or not. You’re the best ????

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    I understand this and mostly agree. We are in the process of deciding on #5. I keep saying either way works, but I don’t actually believe it. I believe that there is an ideal number for our family. Maybe that God has a plan for our family that I don’t want to ‘mess up’ or miss out on. I’m not so concerned about the feelings I will feel inthe future since I have now learned your tools, but then what do I base my decision on? We travel a lot so I say ‘no more kids’ when we travel. But then I am home and life is stable and I think of my future and I want to be a mom longer and I want to have more kids/grandkids in 20 years. So do I decide based on my current thoughts, or my future wants?

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