Most people are living their lives unconscious of what is creating their emotions and a portion of this includes mirroring the emotions of others. We get mad that our husbands are mad about something. We worry about our children when they are worried. We feel negative about our sisters’ negativity. This is a tool I use with my clients to gain awareness which is the first step to creating a more peaceful life. When you recognize your brain is just mirroring emotions, you can choose a different emotion instead. You get off the roller coaster of being at the affect of the people around and instead decide for yourself what you want in your life.

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  1. Christie Urquijo says:

    A book that goes hand in hand with this topic is The Dance With Anger by Harriet Lerner. I would recommend it to everyone!

  2. stefani says:

    One of my favorite podcasts to date. I wish I had known this whole concept decades ago!!

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