This is the first of a 5 part series on the Be Bold Pillars. All of the tools I teach are centered around these 5 areas and focusing on these areas is the key to living an amazing life where you grow and thrive, reach your full potential and leave the world a better place. In today’s episode on relationships, you’ll learn why a relationship is just the way you think about the other person. It’s not based on their behavior or thoughts or feelings about you. We’ll apply this concept to friendships, marriage relationships, and your relationship with your parents or in-laws. Tune in and lets take your relationships to a place of love like Christ demonstrated for us.

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  1. Sarah Hughes says:

    Hi I heard your plea for more comments. I wrote on my mirror the following:
    What kind of person do I want to be intentionally? I can be anything. (AMAZING!!)
    Which emotion do I want to have motivate me? (love)
    My life experience is very empowering. (Use it!)
    I am hoping your insight behind these ideas will help me be more positive in my relationships.

  2. Julia says:

    Hello! Let me start off with saying that I love your podcasts! I listen to them while I workout and look forward to them always!
    I wanted to ask your opinion on relationships. I have many acquaintances and service level friendships and maybe a couple actual friendships. Meaning there is only about 1 or 2 people I would actually call (outside my family) if I was having a hard day.
    Anyway, I have a friend whom we have been friends for 7 years. I would considered her my closest friend. However I don’t feel like she actually knows me. A few weeks ago she made a comment that Really hit me hard. I know it is my choice to let what others say effect me. She said that I try to “win people over”, I asked what do you mean? She said it’s not like you do kart-wheels for people but you try and win people over…
    After she left I was hurt. I do Try hard to make people feel welcomed. Especially when I see someone new move in or if they need help. I do this because this is What I want others todo for ME! I go back to treat others how you would like to be treated
    I am not doing it to win people over.
    This is just one instint of many sly remarks this same girl has made.
    So my question to you do I be nice to others without looking like I’m trying to Win them over? Where do you draw the line with friends.?
    Any and all advice would be much appreciated!!

    • Jody Moore says:

      Hi Julia – You don’t need to change who you are to accommodate this person’s opinion. Just be ok with knowing some people (possibly her) will be wrong about you. You can still love her just the same. Only change your own behavior if you don’t like how you’re showing up. 😉

  3. Amanda says:

    So, I really liked some aspects of this podcast. I think the point that we are ultimately responsible for how we feel and that we make choices in how we react and feel toward others is extremely powerful and can be life changing. I also see how this is applicable in nearly every relationship we have – parents, in laws, friends, even children. But, spouses seem different to me. To expect us to keep loving someone and to, seemingly ignore, hurtful behaviors from your spouse seems like the wrong move. You should be able to expect some sort of reciprocation or support from a spousal relationship that is different from all others, no? How do you find that line?

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