Spending time with my future self has made a huge difference in what I create in my life. What will you look like in the future? What will you think about and what will you have done? Your future self has so much wisdom and if you learn to ask her, she will help you with whatever you need right here and now. Your future self is also someone you are currently creating. Are you creating her intentionally or just allowing life to take you where it will? Today I have 3 exercises you can utilize to create your future and access your own internal wisdom.

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  1. Rachel Nielson says:

    Loved this episode! Before I listened to it, I was thinking, “When my kids are older, what do I want them to say about the kind of mother I was? I need to change my behavior accordingly!” But then I listened and I thought, “I really can’t control what my kids think or say about me when they are older. A better question is, what kind of mother do I want to be in order to feel joy and fulfillment and peace now and when I look back on my kids’ childhoods?” S much better gauge for how I want to adjust! Thank you for all you do and teach.

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