If you have a child you want to help or motivate or change in some way… this episode is for you. First Ask yourself WHY you want to change them. It’s always so we can feel better. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong or you should let go of it in every case but really be intentional. Then remember your child has agency. This means they are going to make some choices we don’t like. That said, as a Mom I want to teach my kids what I know and what is useful to me that might be for them and I know you want to also. So today I’m going to teach you 5 tips to help guide them around the tools I teach here:

  • Tip #1: Teach them who is responsible for whose emotions.
  • Tip #2: Teach them how to process emotions.
  • Tip #3: Don’t rob them of their classes.
  • Tip #4: Hold accountable from a place of peace/love. Not frustration/anger.
  • Tip #5: In what way am I contributing to this problem?

Final Thought: You are the flight attendant. You go first. And don’t panic when there is turbulence.

You are the parent your child is supposed to have. You know what to do. You will also be a trial for them in some ways. It’s supposed to go exactly that way. You’ve got this.


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  1. Michelle Rackley says:

    What a brave brave girl! And wow, such a powerful and thoughtful discussion. Way to go to her Mom for getting her help ASAP, and for this girl to share something that is so scary. I love this podcast. I especially love how in past podcasts you mention that depression and anxiety are more about our thoughts, not about the event itself, or the depression itself. I wish there were additional comments about this when you asked the girl if she knew how depression starts (in our thoughts). Your episodes about Byron Katie go over this so well! I myself have recovered from depression first using medication with therapy, then again using therapy without medication and a conscious effort to listen to my thoughts behind the uncomfortable emotion (David Burn’s techniques are really helpful for this). Thanks again for such a powerful and touching testimony. A wonderful gift to other teens who need to know they are not alone.

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