I’m so grateful to sweet young Ellie for being willing to share her story today. Her experience with depression and anxiety has made her wise beyond her years. Check out today’s episode as she shares her experience and some word of advice to anyone (especially your kids) who struggle with depression.

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  1. Katie Bergeson says:

    Ok, I LOVE her!! I’m going to have my 11yr old listen to this as soon as he gets home from school! Thank you for being so brave, Ellie!

  2. Aminda Bowen says:

    Thank you Ellie from the bottom of my heart. I listened to this Friday, and told my husband about it Saturday. We felt like we should keep an eye on our 7 year old son as he seemed to be spiraling down this school year. After hearing your message I was much better prepared for my son yesterday (Monday) when he broke down and told us how sad he really is and that he is sad and lonely most of the time. He said that he feels worthless. We immediately canceled a trip we had planned, called our dr, and decided to pull him out a school that is not a good fit for him. Without your message we may not have had the encouragement to take the drastic action nessessary for his health and well-being. We feel one hundred percent a team and at the very start of the path to healing that we intend to see to the end. I hang God that we heard your message right when we needed it.

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