What makes someone lovable? Is it the things they do or say? Is it how they feel about us? And what makes someone un-lovable? Is it that they aren’t nice, don’t like people or don’t love us? The answer is no. What makes another person lovable is your decision to love them. Period. All human beings are 100% lovable. That includes everyone in your life and you. And people who we find it challenging to love are an amazing opportunity to increase our capacity to love. Check out today’s episode to learn how to tackle that challenging person and feel more love for your own sake.

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    Tory says:

    I loved this episode (not that that’s saying anything about the episode itself, only about me, wink wink). I am wondering though, do you have any practical steps to get this going? Like if we have someone in particular we are wanting to love even though we find it difficult, how do we go about just changing it? Do we focus on the things we enjoy about them? You may have mentioned it, but I didn’t pick up on it. I know you said not to just be fake, but I’m not really sure how else to make this happen? Thank you 🙂

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      MH says:

      Listened to this particular episode three times in a row. Truly enjoyed it and benefited from it. Thank you for the life transforming insights!

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    Nicole says:

    I really appreciated this episode. Came at a time when I needed to hear it. I have a question though, how do we stop having expectations of others in our lives and just let them be who they are? Also I feel like I heard from you that if there is a person in your life who’s hurting you, it’s ok to not have them in your life after you learn to love them. How do you do this? When they are hurting you, you just want to stop the hurt.

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      Jody Moore says:

      Hi Nicole. Thanks for your question. We can’t control other people but we can and do need to protect ourselves with boundaries. A boundary is a request you make of someone to change their behavior and then a way that you protect yourself if they choose not to comply with your request. This is important work to do even if you’re still in the process of getting to love. Don’t allow people to mistreat you ever. Set boundaries and uphold them. You can love someone and remove yourself from their presence temporarily or permanently.

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