Are you a person of excellence? Or are you more of a 75% person? And what is the difference between excellence and perfectionism? These questions are answered on today’s episode and I’ll also be sharing with you why I’m committing today to be a person of excellence. Will you join me?

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  1. Laura says:

    Have you read The Four Tendancies by Gretchen Rubin? I found it very insightful. She offers a different perspective on what excellence is for different types of people & even how to be excellent. I know you like to read so I thought I’d share

  2. Shanly (from AZ) says:

    Hmm. . . am I justified in finding another way to be a person of excellence if I don’t want to leave my toddler buckled in a running, 400 degree oven car long enough to take the cart back . . . or am I just making excuses and I need to just take the cart back already? 😉

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