Your marriage is the most prevalent relationship in your life. When you are happy in it, your life feels happy. When it’s difficult, your life feels difficult. Human nature is to believe that what’s preventing happiness in our marriages has to do with how our spouse behaves or feels or treats us. This is never true. It is always up to us what we want to experience and the feelings driving us will create our marriage. Today I’m offering you 5 secrets to a happy marriage. Click play and let’s do it.

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    Sarah says:

    My husband hates to get gas in his car. So, he runs out of gas a lot. Like every 3-6 months. And there’s been several times when we’ve switched cars and I’ve run out of gas because I didn’t realize the car the gave me was so low. That’s always irritated me. I think he should be more responsible and just fill his tank more regularly. But today when I got into his car (he took mine today so he could fix something on it) and I realized the gas light was on, I decided that I don’t need to be irritated by that. I can accept that he hates going to gas stations. That I should assume his tank is always going to be empty and that I can fill it because I love him. That feels much better to me. Thanks for helping me learn that. And be able to feel more love and less irritation.

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    Anonymous says:

    Can you offer some baby-step thoughts to try on to help me move from feeling ambivalent about my husband and marriage to deeply loving my husband and being excited about our relationship? I’m struggling to find thoughts that I can truly believe and thus feel a lot of sadness and guilt instead.

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      Jody Moore says:

      First tell me what your opinion of you is? Do you get excited about your relationship with you? Loving people is a skill and I recommend you develop the skill by loving yourself and then you will be able to love others people more easily.

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