FREE ONLINE CALL: Ask Jody Anything

If you’ve listened to the podcast or learned from my Take Tuesday emails, you probably have a question about something going on in your life. I want to answer that question. Come to this call and post a question (anonymously) and I’ll answer it live on the call. I’ll also open up my coaching program Be Bold and tell you about it at the end of the call.

FREE MINI COURSE: How to Deal With a Difficult Family Member

Yes I get it. Your sister-in-law is unbelievable. Or your mother-in-law. Or your husband or father. But if you’re tired of suffering because of their bad behavior, then this 3 part video course is for you. Check it out here.


As my clients learn about their brains and how to utilize them to get better results and be happier, they kept asking me over and over again to help them teach it to their kids. So I developed this lesson to get you started. Now you know exactly what to do for FHE this week. You’re welcome.