How do I access previous month’s classes and worksheets?

You can go to the content page of the membership site and scroll back through previous months to access the classes and coaching calls. When you click on the class you will see the video, audio and links to worksheets. Please note that video and audio files are only downloadable to paying members during the current month but you can always stream and listen or watch the content. Make sure you download the current month content if you want to keep it someplace.

I’m new. Do I need to go back to the beginning and watch everything?

 No and we don’t recommend you do that. You will feel overwhelmed. Just watch the 3 introductory videos on the content page that teach you the CTFAR model. Then start with the current month. Previous content is just there as a bonus if you choose to check some of it out.

How can I get coached on the live calls?

You can be coached on the live coaching call by signing up in advance. The link to sign up is on the Be Bold Membership Home page and all scheduled call dates are listed there.

You can also get your question answered by Jody by coming to an Office Hours call. These calls do not require that you sign up in advance.

Finally, you can submit a question on the Ask Jody page of the membership site and get anonymous help (even Jody cannot see who submits the question) anytime from Jody in writing.

How long should I expect to see an answer to my question in Ask Jody?  

Depending on the amount of questions coming in, it will normally be answered in 2 – 4 days.

How long will my membership fees be charged?

Every month (or year if you signed up on an annual plan) you will be automatically charged until you cancel your membership. You can stay as long or as brief (minimum one month) as you want but we recommend at least a year to see the best results in your life.

Do I need to give notice to cancel my membership?  

Yes, we require 24 hour notice. You can cancel by submitting the cancellation form HERE. We will cancel as soon as we can but it can take up to 24 hours. If you are scheduled to be charged again within 24 hours then you should expect to be charged for that month but not for future months. We do not issue refunds or pro-rate for any reason. Please note if you cancel and then choose to return, you will be required to return at whatever the rate is at the time you choose to return. Also, to be eligible for annual VIP benefits you must be enrolled continuously for a year.

Other questions about the program?

Jake is available to answer any other questions not covered here. You can email him at