It‘s the most important relationship of your life. Let’s make sure you have the tools for success going into it.

 October 8, 2018 – November 11, 2018 (Each Monday for 6 weeks)

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Pacific Time/ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Mountain Time

Class recordings sent out weekly

$375 per couple

  • How to Solve Any Problem

    Take a deep dive into the CTFAR model that will help you solve any problem for yourself, in your marriage and with your future careers and family life. 

  • Emotional Adulthood

    Learn where emotions come from, how to own your own emotions and what to do when your spouse expects you to do this for them. Your happiness is your responsibility. In this part of the class you’ll learn why that’s great news. 

  • The Manual

    We go into our marriages with best of intentions but we unknowingly have and idea of how our spouse should be. Many times we are surprised when they are not that way. This portion of the class will teach you how to free yourself of the difficulty created when you need your spouse to be different. 

  • Seasons of Marriage and 50%

    Learn about the natural progression of every intimate relationship and how to get from Winter to Spring. You’ll also learn why embracing that life is 50% challenging can create so much more peace. 

  • Unconditional Love and Connection

    As human beings we all have an innate need for love and connection. At times this will come easily in your marriage but at other times you’ll want to know how to feel it no matter what. These human emotions are always available to you and in this part of the class you’ll learn how to access them whenever you want. 

  • Intimacy in Marriage and Feelings For Others

    Intimacy (including sex) is a part of a marriage that most people know very little about. This part of the class will prepare you for what to expect and how to navigate this part of your relationship effectively even when one partner has a higher desire than the other. You’ll also learn what to do if you ever begin feeling attracted to someone outside of your marriage. Being prepared is your best defense against a decision you may regret. 

In addition to being Jody’s sister, Natalie Clay was trained and certified through the Life Coach School so she uses the same tools and philosophy of coaching that Jody does.  Here’s what she has to say about herself and this work:

“I am a wife and mamma to 3 little kids and adult twin girls. Through this work, I’ve been liberated from the belief that my circumstances were what determined my happiness and have found tremendous empowerment in taking control over my own feelings in life. Setting goals is no longer a question of will-power, but a practiced focus on what I choose to make happen, according to my own free-will and desires. I love teaching other people the tools that have helped me bridge the gap between who I want to be (someone who forgives quickly and loves unconditionally) and the reality of where I sometimes am. Life is messy and joyful and funny and hard and I’m learning to embrace all of it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

So my fiancé and I will take it together?

The course is offered to couples so we encourage both of you to come or watch the replays but if one of you can’t be there some of the time that’s ok.

Will I be able to get individual help?

This will be a combination of learning from Natalie as she teaches the group and real life coaching. Natalie will be coaching people who want help applying what they’re learning to their real lives. This means you can volunteer to be coached and get direct help or you can just listen in if you’re more comfortable being a silent observer.

What if I am already married? Can this class help me?

If you have not worked with a Life Coach who focuses on thought work and provides concrete tools, then this is a great place to begin. You can make major changes if you apply what you will learn in this class. Even if your spouse is not willing to take the course, I highly recommend you learn these principles if you can see room to improve your marriage.

Do I have to be LDS to attend the course?

We are members of the LDS church and many of our clients are as well so we bring an LDS perspective to what we teach. That said, we do not tell anyone what they should believe. We have many inactive members or non members as well and will simply help you align with whatever you believe in your life. All are welcome.

Can I give this as an engagement gift to someone else?

Yes and we think it’s the most valuable gift you could give them. You’ll just need to input their name and email address when you register so they can get the login info and course replays.

When will it be offered again?

We don’t have another offering of this on the calendar at this point so if you think you might be getting married anytime soon sign up and take this course now.