Ep 143. 4 Stages of Skill Mastery

Whether you’re setting big goals or just navigating the changes of life, learning to master skills will serve you well. Sure there are skills that are obvious like playing an instrument or a sport, but I want you to consider the skill of being uncomfortable, overcoming procrastination, and being more patient. Today I’m teaching you the 4 steps to skill mastery. For each phase I’ll be describing it and helping you identify what you need to move through it to the next phase. Let’s see what you create when you get good at mastering any skill you want to have.

Ep 142. Blogging and MLM Success with Crystal and Sean Escobar

Crystal and Sean live an amazing life. They’ve been successful in their endeavors in blogging and Network Marketing and today they’re sharing how they’ve created these results for themselves. But they are not amazing people because of their success. Instead, you’ll hear as you listen to them, that their success has come because they first have chosen deliberately who they want to be. Listen up as they tell you their story and make sure to grab your ticket to the Wannabe Balanced Live Event put on by Crystal and featuring Sean and myself as keynote speakers.

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Ep 141. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a divine attribute. We are commanded to repent and seek His forgiveness and we are also commanded to forgive others. But only every time. But how? How do we know if we’ve been forgiven and what is Godly sorrow? Forgiveness is not something you do. It’s a change in the way you think and feel about someone else. It’s your opportunity to be a higher version of you. It’s not easy work but it’s available and on today’s episode I’m giving you some tools to put this important principle into action in your life.

Ep 140. Intentionality

When we have a challenge, most of us become focused on figuring out what to do. We share advice with one another about what to do and we search for the right action to solve the problem. But none of our action is as effective as it could be if we stop and align our intentions first. Intentionality creates a more effective result whether you’re lifting weights or disciplining your child. Today I’m teaching you more about this concept and how to utilize it in your life.

Ep 139. Self Respect

What is respect anyway? What qualities do we look for in someone that we respect? Today I’m walking you through a closer look at respect and then we take what we learn and apply it to self respect. In today’s world of instant gratification and concentrated pleasure, erosion of self respect is a problem. When you learn to respect yourself, you’ll live a higher life. Check out today’s episode for more.

Ep 138. Narcissism and More with Tony Overbay

Today I’m talking with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Tony Overbay about narcissism, depression and anxiety, and his advice to couples struggling in their marriages. Tony is so insightful and as you’ll see, he never takes himself too seriously. Please enjoy this episode where we dive into these topics and more.

To learn more about Tony visit tonyoverbay.com


Ep 137. Shame Attack

Ever have a shame attack? Happens to us all from time to time, right? I had one this week. It was a great opportunity for me to practice what I preach. Today I’m sharing my experience with you and giving you the steps to deal with a shame attack and come out stronger on the other side.

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Ep 136. Finding the Motivation to Rock Your Side Gig

One of the most common things I hear from my clients who have businesses or side gigs is, “How do I get motivated to do what I need to do?” Of course this doesn’t just apply to building a business, but today I’m sharing with you how to get out of overwhelm, indecision, stress, doubt and fear… and get busy creating the result you want in your life and business. If you want more of what you learn here today sign up for the free “How to Grow Your Side Gig” masterclass happening next week.


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Bonus Episode. Better Than Happy

Did you know there is something available that’s better than happy? It’s your most complete life and the most amazing experience available to you. Check out today’s episode where I teach you all about this, clean pain versus dirty pain, and spill the beans about the changes happening her on the podcast.

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Ep 135. Fat Adaptation

Fat adaptation is your body’s natural metabolic state. It means that when you eat food, you store some of it on your body as fat to be used in case there is no food available. It mean that hunger is not an emergency. It’s just a whisper that comes and goes. Many of the experts in the world of weight loss and health teach that becoming fat adapted is an optimal way to lose weight and prevent illnesses such as diabetes. Today I’m breaking it all down for you, telling you how you can retrain your body to be fat adapted, and sharing with you my own journey as I work to achieve this goal. If you’re interested in getting more help join me for a free Stop Overeating Masterclass at: