Ep 109. Anxiety

Anxiety is defined as a form of worry, fear or stress but if you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you know it’s much more than that. Anxiety is a secondary emotion and it’s caused by resisting the primary emotion which is likely worry, stress or fear. Today I’m going to teach you what to do with the primary emotion to keep it from escalating. I’m also going to help you know what to do when (despite your best efforts) you find yourself experiencing anxiety anyway. It’s the resisting of the anxiety that can escalate you to a full-on panic attack. It feels counterintuitive to allow and lean into our negative emotions, but I promise you it will serve you far better. And don’t forget, Heavenly Father created us to experience all emotions and for good reason including our need to avoid danger and to experience opposition in all things. This is the only way we can become like Him.

Ep 108. Stop Counting Points and Start Losing Weight

Dr. Deb Butler is a Master Certified Life and Weight Coach and today she’s sharing with us some of her most valuable tools. First we’ll learn about the hunger scale and why most of us have lost touch with our bodies. When you learn to eat when you’re just slightly hungry and stop when you’re just slightly full, your body will be your guide and you get back in touch with what food should be… fuel for your body. If you’re like me, you’ll find that eating only when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full can be very disappointing, and THIS is where the true work on your mind comes in. When you learn to handle the disappointment in your life instead of numbing it by eating, you create a better life and a better relationship with yourself. Listen up as Deb shares client examples as well as her own struggle from a Lifetime Weight Watchers member to where she is today. Free from food. At peace with food. And naturally thin and healthy.

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Ep 107. Stay in Your Own Business

There are three types of business. Your business, other people’s business and God’s business. Your brain wants to spend a lot of time in God’s business and even more in other people’s business because it believes that if you can get the things outside of you to do what you want, then you can have the life you want. This is a waste of your mind juice. Today I am going to teach you how to stay in your business and why doing so will give you freedom and peace. Check it.

Ep 106. Money Beliefs

The way you think about money will determine what your result with money looks like in your life. So many people are struggling with the drama of money and today I want to give you some insight to help you gain some leverage on it. Money is neutral. It is just simple math. Do you believe that money is hard to get or that there isn’t enough? Do you believe that in order for some people to have money others have to have less? None of these thoughts are serving you and today I want to offer a different perspective and remind you it’s ok to love money.

Ep 105. How To Become a Life Coach

This is a question I get asked a lot so I thought today I would answer it for you. If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a Life Coach, OR you’re considering hiring a coach, there are some things I want you to understand and consider. Also if you feel a pull to this work please do consider taking the leap! We need more people in the world to help end needless suffering. Click play and I’ll help you get started.

Ep 104. Discernment

Judgement never serves us. It’s small minded and fear based and toxic for our Spirits in the long run. Discernment on the other hand is wise and loving and useful to help us feel more love, protect ourselves, and deliberately create the lives we want. Check out today’s episode to minimize judgement and increase discernment in your life.

Ep 103. Why We Cry

You know that feeling. Your lip starts quivering and despite your best effort you’re unable to stop the waterworks. Crying is an automated response to intense emotion and it’s a part of our humanness. It’s nothing we need to apologize for. Our natural response is to begin worrying about what other people think or to tell ourselves to stop but neither of these is going to be helpful. Instead, just give yourself a moment. Pause. Breathe. Remind yourself that you are just feeling an emotion intensely. It’s not a problem. When necessary, a good cry can be healing and releases the energy created by the emotion. Check out today’s episode for more help with all of this.

Ep 102. When You’re Not Feeling the Spirit

What makes us feel The Spirit? Is it doing things like reading our scriptures, saying prayers or going to the temple? If we don’t feel it does it mean we aren’t allowing it or that it’s just not there? What if I’m doing all the right things but I’m not feeling close to God? Today I’m going to teach you what creates that feeling and I hope to correct the way we talk and think about this important part of our experience here on Earth.

Ep 101. Self Compassion vs. Self Pity

After working with hundreds of women on improving themselves and their lives I find that there is a lot of confusion about self compassion and self pity. Self pity keeps you stuck and is extremely disempowering and generally leaves us overwhelmed and hopeless. Self compassion on the other hand gets us moving in the right direction, brings us out of hiding and helps us redirect in a useful way. Today I am going to teach you the difference so that you can recognize it in yourself and stay on the path of compassion. Are you ready? Click play and let’s do it.

Ep 100. 100 Things to Love About You

Did you know that when you take some time to retrain your brain to think loving, kind, compassionate thoughts about yourself, you end up thinking about yourself less often? Today I’m talking to you about choosing your thoughts about yourself on purpose. There is an exercise I have my clients do where they make a list of things they appreciate about themselves and many of them have a hard time coming up with more than 10 or so. Today I’m sharing with you my list to give you some ideas and get your brain thinking. Then, you know what to do… make your own list my friend. As a bonus you’ll get to hear me say the alphabet backwards. You’re welcome.