Ep 101. Self Compassion vs. Self Pity

After working with hundreds of women on improving themselves and their lives I find that there is a lot of confusion about self compassion and self pity. Self pity keeps you stuck and is extremely disempowering and generally leaves us overwhelmed and hopeless. Self compassion on the other hand gets us moving in the right direction, brings us out of hiding and helps us redirect in a useful way. Today I am going to teach you the difference so that you can recognize it in yourself and stay on the path of compassion. Are you ready? Click play and let’s do it.

Ep 100. 100 Things to Love About You

Did you know that when you take some time to retrain your brain to think loving, kind, compassionate thoughts about yourself, you end up thinking about yourself less often? Today I’m talking to you about choosing your thoughts about yourself on purpose. There is an exercise I have my clients do where they make a list of things they appreciate about themselves and many of them have a hard time coming up with more than 10 or so. Today I’m sharing with you my list to give you some ideas and get your brain thinking. Then, you know what to do… make your own list my friend. As a bonus you’ll get to hear me say the alphabet backwards. You’re welcome.

Ep 98. When You Feel Like A Failure

Today I want to reframe the way you think about failure. I want to clear up the misunderstanding most people have about what it is, what causes it and what it means about us and our lives. I also want to talk to you specifically about the question many moms have, “What if I am failing at being a mom?” I am all for doing better but I want you to make those changes from a place of empowerment rather than from a place of shame. Check out today’s episode to see what I mean.

Bonus Episode. Why Emotions Matter

I’ve got a bonus episode for you today and it’s going to teach you 3 reasons why emotions matter. Listen up and then make sure you sign up for my monthly coaching program Be Bold before June 1st as doors close and we get started mastering emotions on June 2nd.

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Ep 97. When Someone Is Mad At You

Let’s face it. Most of us are approval addicts. When other people adore us we give ourselves permission to believe we are worthy of adoration. This is only a problem when someone doesn’t adore us or is mad at us. Today I want to give you some tools and knowledge about why this is a challenge and what to do to find some relief from that tricky part of your brain that wants to tell you that this is a huge problem.

Ep 96. 5 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Your marriage is the most prevalent relationship in your life. When you are happy in it, your life feels happy. When it’s difficult, your life feels difficult. Human nature is to believe that what’s preventing happiness in our marriages has to do with how our spouse behaves or feels or treats us. This is never true. It is always up to us what we want to experience and the feelings driving us will create our marriage. Today I’m offering you 5 secrets to a happy marriage. Click play and let’s do it.

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Ep 95. Avoiding the Mom Traps with Molly Claire

Today I’d like to introduce you to a fellow coach and dear friend of mine Molly Claire. She’s a phenomenal coach and she has some great insight to offer to us about some of the traps we fall into as mothers. With the best of intentions, many parents are not deliberately conscious of what is our responsibility and what is not. We are taking on our kids’ success and emotions in a way that is harmful to us and our children. Today Molly has some insight and tips to help us overcome what our brains naturally want to take on.

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Ep 94. Teachings of Byron Katie

I’m so excited to teach you a little bit about Byron Katie and what she calls “The Work.” These four questions followed by turnarounds give you a new perspective on any problem you are facing. Katie is one of the most inspirational and truly peaceful people I’ve observed and I know you will love learning about some of the wisdom she shares. Whether your issue is with money, relationships or your own self-concept, “The Work” is simple and quite literally life-changing.

Learn more at thework.com

Ep 93. Questions and Answers

I’ve pulled some of the questions sent in by listeners and I’m answering them for you on today’s episode. These questions were selected because of the relevance I know they’ll have for so many of you listening. I’ll answer questions such as:

“Where should I begin when I need a complete life make-over? How do I deal with the challenge of living with my parents? How do I forgive myself and my Bishop?” and “How do I let go of the need to be in control?” Check it out friends.