Ep 96. 5 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Your marriage is the most prevalent relationship in your life. When you are happy in it, your life feels happy. When it’s difficult, your life feels difficult. Human nature is to believe that what’s preventing happiness in our marriages has to do with how our spouse behaves or feels or treats us. This is never true. It is always up to us what we want to experience and the feelings driving us will create our marriage. Today I’m offering you 5 secrets to a happy marriage. Click play and let’s do it.

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Ep 95. Avoiding the Mom Traps with Molly Claire

Today I’d like to introduce you to a fellow coach and dear friend of mine Molly Claire. She’s a phenomenal coach and she has some great insight to offer to us about some of the traps we fall into as mothers. With the best of intentions, many parents are not deliberately conscious of what is our responsibility and what is not. We are taking on our kids’ success and emotions in a way that is harmful to us and our children. Today Molly has some insight and tips to help us overcome what our brains naturally want to take on.

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Ep 94. Teachings of Byron Katie

I’m so excited to teach you a little bit about Byron Katie and what she calls “The Work.” These four questions followed by turnarounds give you a new perspective on any problem you are facing. Katie is one of the most inspirational and truly peaceful people I’ve observed and I know you will love learning about some of the wisdom she shares. Whether your issue is with money, relationships or your own self-concept, “The Work” is simple and quite literally life-changing.

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Ep 93. Questions and Answers

I’ve pulled some of the questions sent in by listeners and I’m answering them for you on today’s episode. These questions were selected because of the relevance I know they’ll have for so many of you listening. I’ll answer questions such as:

“Where should I begin when I need a complete life make-over? How do I deal with the challenge of living with my parents? How do I forgive myself and my Bishop?” and “How do I let go of the need to be in control?” Check it out friends.

Ep 92. Jody Coaches Danielle on Maintaining Her Routine

Today I’m sharing another real coaching call with a real client. Danielle is having trouble maintaining the schedule she outlined for herself and to make matters worse she feels pressure from her husband to do a better job. She’s overwhelmed, feeling guilty and ready to do something about it. If you can relate to Danielle don’t miss this episode!

Ep 91. Difficult People

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you know logically that other people do not have the control over our emotions that we tend to believe they do. But why is it so difficult to remember this? Why does it feel like they absolutely do make us feel things? Today we’re taking a closer look at “difficult people” in particular and I’m giving you some specific examples and concrete steps to try out to minimize the impact of any difficult people in your life. You ready? Let’s do it.

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Ep 90. Jody Coaches Kassie on Body Image and Weight Tools

Today I’m coaching another member of the Be Bold Community. This time Kassie talks to us about the roller coaster many of us know well when it comes to our health and weight. Do I keep trying to lose the weight or do I just be kind and compassionate toward myself and accept my body as is. Listen as I coach her on how to keep working on her goal without creating more shame and overwhelm around this challenging topic.

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Ep 89. What’s Fueling Your Action?

Today I’m talking to you about the action that you take in your life. When there is a problem to solve or a goal you want to reach, I’m all for taking action…but first I want you to pay attention to the emotions that are fueling your action. The emotions fueling you will determine how effective your action is and what the result is that you get from that action. I want your fuel to be as empowering as possible. Tune in today for more explanation and specific examples.

Ep 88. Automated Blessings From God

We’re told that when we do what we’re commanded, we are blessed. Today I’m sharing with you how the way the human brain functions and what we know about human behavior is a solid case for these blessings being automated when God created us. We’ll talk about scripture study, prayer, forgiveness, service and tithing.

Bonus Episode: Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Me

Advanced Maternal age

I have 3 reasons why you shouldn’t listen to me and I’m sharing them with you today. I’m also answering the most common questions I’ve been getting about the Be Bold Membership Program since there are just a couple days to get in! If you’re trying to make a decision about whether or not it’s for you… check out today’s episode.

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