Ep 12. Am I a Good Mom?

All of us understand that being our kids’ mom is the most important job we’ll have on this planet. At the same time we know we’ll never be perfect, so how do you gauge how you’re doing? On this episode we’ll talk about the importance of defining it for yourself, the power of diversifying where you receive validation from, and we’ll wrap up talking about tantrums from kids (and adults) of all ages. Go get um’ mama. You’ve got this.

Ep 11. The Simple, Powerful Truth About Marriage

Whether your marriage is one of the best parts of your life right now or one of your biggest challenges, this episode will provide you tools for not just staying married, but staying in love.

Ep 10. Self Care: The Best Gift You Can Give Them

True self care is much more than a girl’s night out or a break from your routine. It’s a consistent practice and it is critical to your mental and emotional health. It’s not only the best gift you can give your kids, it’s your responsibility. In this episode you’ll get a different perspective on it and tips you’ve probably never heard before. Check it out. You deserve it.

Ep 9. How to Stop Worrying

In this episode we explore why worry shows up for all of us. While it feels like a protective mechanism, in most instances it is preventing us from having our best lives and best results. Learn 4 simple things you can do to minimize it by clicking play on this episode.

Ep 8. Watch Out for All or Nothing

All or nothing mentality affects all of us and while it’s not always a bad thing, in many instances it keeps us stuck and frustrated. Learn more about how to watch for it and minimize it in today’s episode.

Ep 7. Service and Boundaries

In today’s episode you’ll learn all about boundaries and how to set them in a way that feels good. When used properly, boundaries create more love and less resentment in our lives. If you know this cognitively but struggle to use boundaries effectively, take a listen.

Ep 6. What To Do With Negative Emotion

Feeling sad? mad? frustrated? It’s ok. Sometimes it’s necessary and sometimes it can create the exact life you want. Find out what to do with it when it’s necessary and how to minimize it when it’s not in today’s episode.

Ep 5. How to Deal With That Difficult Family Member

You know that one person who you wish would just stop doing what they do or start doing what you think they should be doing? Maybe it’s your mother-in-law or your husband or your brother. Well, I have great news for you. Press play and find out what it is.

Ep 4. How to Have the Habits You Wish Came Naturally

You know those things you do really well at until you fall off the bandwagon and then you’re back to where you started? In today’s episode I’ll teach you why and how to end that cycle for good.

Ep 3. How To Solve Any Problem

In today’s episode I will teach you the 5 part model that can solve any problem in your life. Once you know this it will change the way you look at the world. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.