Ep 39. Parenting with Thought Work

I never give parenting advice. Usually. Ok sometimes I do. Today I am. Kids are very open to this work because they aren’t so hard wired. They are still developing belief systems and they are highly influenced by you. Today I’m giving you 5 areas to think about so you can be intentional in the beliefs you offer to your kids. You won’t want to miss this one.


Ep 38. Don’t Fall for Worry

Worry much? Wanna know why? Worry is one emotion that is never helpful and never necessary. Many people tell me they don’t want to worry but they feel they can’t help it. In this episode, we’ll break down what worry is exactly and what causes it. This awareness alone will begin to change things for you. Then I have a few things you can try out the next time you find yourself worrying about anything. Check it.


Ep 37. Thoughts You Can Try On

Once you discover the thoughts that are keeping you stuck, you’re going to want to swap them out for more empowering ones. Today I’m sharing 27 empowering things I believe. Every one of them has changed my life for the better. Try some on. See how they fit. Then send me some of your own.


Ep 36. Difficult People

Today’s episode address an issue that was sent in by a listener who was treated really unkindly by someone else. It’s an example I know you’ll be able to relate to if you have ever encountered someone in your life who is difficult. Check it out and if you have an issue of your own you want to hear about, send it in to [email protected]


Ep 35. Breaking the Habit of People Pleasing

Even understanding that we can’t please everyone all of the time doesn’t stop most of us from trying to. Being liked and approved of feels good. What you may not realize is that living this way can be very harmful and ultimately won’t create the life you want. Tune in to this episode to better understand why and how to break the habit.


Ep 34. Godly Sorrow

Nobody on planet Earth is exempt from needing the Atonement. But sometimes the way we think about Repentence and Godly Sorrow makes us feel like there is something terribly wrong with us. I don’t believe that’s what God wants us to feel. I think it’s the opposite. Tune in to find out what I believe Godly sorrow really is and why it’s an empowering and loving way to trust His plan.


Ep 33. The Science of Your Mind and Personality

You guys. I’m talking Science today. I know… that’s not like me right? If you like Science then you’re welcome but even if you don’t, check this one out. This is not typical Science. This is the Science of your mind, your personality, and your life. Good stuff. Trust me.


Ep 32. Intention and Surrender

Joe Dispenza talks about finding the space between intention and surrender. It’s not an exact science, but once you start to recognize which one comes easier to you and shoot for the middle, you catch a glimpse of the ability you have to create any result you want. Tune in to this episode and I’ll show you what I mean.


Ep 31. Finding Inspiration and Meaning In The Journey

Enjoy the journey. We hear it. We say it. What does it mean exactly? What is the journey supposed to look like? And if it’s not enjoyable does that mean I’m on the wrong path? Why is it so hard and when will it get easier? Understanding a bit about human behavior when it comes to learning a new skill or taking on a project or challenge, you can find the inspiration and meaning in the journey and the journey truly does become more than the destination. Today’s episode will teach you the 4 steps. Let’s do it.


Ep 30. Conquering Indecision

Today I’m talking about conquering indecision. Fearing there is a wrong choice keeps us from taking much of the action we want to take in our lives and misleads us into believing that our happiness is dependent on making the right choice. In the end we can’t possibly predict even the majority of the challenges or rewards that will be triggered by any decision but the good news is we don’t have to. Once you truly understand on an intimate level that YOU create your experience, you’ll release the pressure that is causing you to live in the land of “I need to think it over.” Check it out.