Ep 19. The Future

When you think about the future what do you think about? Or do you find yourself defining who you are and what you’re capable of by evidence from your past? The future is yours for the taking and accessing it can help you create a life you love. Find out more on today’s episode all about the future.


Ep 18. The Present

This week I talk about the present, why it is the only thing that is real, and how to experience it more fully. When we are able to be in the moment, we literally experience life more fully. It’s powerful work and if sounds good but you’re not sure how to actually do it, this is the episode for you.


Ep 17. The Past

Whether you’ve been through something really traumatic or had a blessed life, the things that happened in our past affect us. But only if we choose to allow them to. On today’s podcast I’ll teach you how to honor yourself and to take back your confidence regardless of what has happened or what you’ve done in the past. Don’t forget to tune in next week when we talk about the present.


Ep 16. A Metaphor for Life

Today’s episode is a short but powerful metaphor that might just change how you view that one thing you’re afraid to let go of. Check it out.


Ep 15. True Lies I Tell My Kids

What lies do you tell your kids? I tell a lot to mine. Find out what I mean in today’s podcast.


Ep 14. How to Deal With Toxic People

If you liked Episode #5 about dealing with difficult family members, this episode will take you to the next level. We’ll talk about when to eliminate people from your life, when to set boundaries, and how to do all of it with love, respect and authenticity for yourself and other people. You can do this.


Ep 13. What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

“I don’t know” seems so innocent and feels like a fact when in reality it is only a thought. Everything is figureoutable and there is no wrong choice. What if you made decisions and sought answers from that belief? In today’s episode I’ll give you some ways to tap into it and begin feeling confident about yourself, your life experience and your decisions.


Ep 12. Am I a Good Mom?

All of us understand that being our kids’ mom is the most important job we’ll have on this planet. At the same time we know we’ll never be perfect, so how do you gauge how you’re doing? On this episode we’ll talk about the importance of defining it for yourself, the power of diversifying where you receive validation from, and we’ll wrap up talking about tantrums from kids (and adults) of all ages. Go get um’ mama. You’ve got this.


Ep 11. The Simple, Powerful Truth About Marriage

Whether your marriage is one of the best parts of your life right now or one of your biggest challenges, this episode will provide you tools for not just staying married, but staying in love.


Ep 10. Self Care: The Best Gift You Can Give Them

True self care is much more than a girl’s night out or a break from your routine. It’s a consistent practice and it is critical to your mental and emotional health. It’s not only the best gift you can give your kids, it’s your responsibility. In this episode you’ll get a different perspective on it and tips you’ve probably never heard before. Check it out. You deserve it.