This is not a typical podcast episode. It’s a talk I recorded especially for the young women of the Saint George 5th ward who will be listening to this under the starts at Girls Camp in a few weeks. I love sharing this message with youth and only wish I could be there in person. Have a lovely week girls and I’m hoping putting this out on iTunes will give some other youth a chance to hear it as well.


“I just want my husband to be happy.” This sounds good and innocent and selfless. And sometimes it is. But many times it causes more problems for us (and our husbands) than we might realize. But never fear. I have some solutions for you today. Tune in to learn about the steps you can go through to get to the place where you will find peace which is, “I want him to be happy but I don’t need him to be happy.” Seriously. Amazing. Check this one out.


Every Tuesday I send out short bits of mom gold to your inbox if you’re subscribed to my email list. Today I’m sharing some of the more popular messages I’ve sent. If you’re not on the list, go to www.boldnewmom.com to sign up.


Hey there stay at home mom and others. Are you exhausted? Is there one big reason why or is it a bunch of little things that are hard to identify and even tougher to change? The way most people go about making decisions adds a tremendous amount of exhaustion and self doubt. In today’s episode I’ll explain some alternative ways to make decisions. Even the big ones. Check it out.


Emotions can be like a pebble dropped in the water and there is a ripple effect. Sometimes in life we need to feel sad or disappointed or bad in some way. But many times we layer additional negative emotions to them that keep us stuck. Anger, resistance, worry and guilt are secondary emotions that we invite when we don’t pay attention. Today I’ll talk to you about this cycle and how to stop getting stuck in it.
And when what we’re feeling is fun, peace, love or happiness, the goal is to layer on as many additional positive things as possible. Ultimately what you seek is joy. Doing this is easier than you might think. Click play and let me explain.


Today I’m answering questions sent in by 4 of my listeners. They are questions I picked because I know they will benefit all of you. First I’ll address what I mean when I say to, “clean up your thinking.” Then I’ll talk more about holding the space and helping friends and children with these tools. Next is a question centered around Mormon doctrine and I’ll end with help on dealing with a difficult manager or person in your life. Don’t forget to send me YOUR question for next time.


I never give parenting advice. Usually. Ok sometimes I do. Today I am. Kids are very open to this work because they aren’t so hard wired. They are still developing belief systems and they are highly influenced by you. Today I’m giving you 5 areas to think about so you can be intentional in the beliefs you offer to your kids. You won’t want to miss this one.


Worry much? Wanna know why? Worry is one emotion that is never helpful and never necessary. Many people tell me they don’t want to worry but they feel they can’t help it. In this episode, we’ll break down what worry is exactly and what causes it. This awareness alone will begin to change things for you. Then I have a few things you can try out the next time you find yourself worrying about anything. Check it.


Once you discover the thoughts that are keeping you stuck, you’re going to want to swap them out for more empowering ones. Today I’m sharing 27 empowering things I believe. Every one of them has changed my life for the better. Try some on. See how they fit. Then send me some of your own.


Today’s episode address an issue that was sent in by a listener who was treated really unkindly by someone else. It’s an example I know you’ll be able to relate to if you have ever encountered someone in your life who is difficult. Check it out and if you have an issue of your own you want to hear about, send it in to jody@boldnewmom.com