Today’s episode is a special back to school message for your youth. Please help me share it with them and check it out yourself. You might be surprised at how much you’ll learn.

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I’m SOOOOO excited for you to get to hear the wisdom of my brilliant and hilarious sister Natalie Clay. Today Natalie and I talk though 6 tools we believe everyone who is getting married (or already married) needs to understand to have a joyful marriage and create healthy families. Don’t miss this episode and please share it with all of your engaged friends.

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Most people are searching for the answers to “how” to achieve the things they want to in life. They think if they can figure out how, then they will believe it is possible and then they will go for it. Today I want to teach you why this is backwards and how to let go of the how and take massive action to achieve any result you can commit to believing.

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In our natural unsupervised state our brains want to focus on and try to change things outside of us. If this worked I would tell you to keep doing it but it mostly doesn’t work. So today I want to teach you how to accept the things that happen that are outside of your control without being a doormat. Then we’ll talk about questioning all of your thoughts. Especially the ones that seem like just true facts and absolutely when they are creating a problem for you. Tune in so I can teach you this valuable concept so you can apply it as you do your own self-coaching.

Buckle your seat belts kids. I have a special treat for you today. If you’ve never listened to “Awesome with Alison” then I’m happy to get to introduce you to Alison Faulkner. And if you are already a fan, then I don’t have to tell you how much fun she is to learn from and follow. Today Alison gives us the scoop on her famous dance parties, her Brand School and audio courses, and she opens up about where she is the most vulnerable and anxious in her own life. Of course, I couldn’t help but coach her a bit and there may even be some real tears. Check out today’s episode and don’t forget to grab your copy of the influencer marketing courses Alison created before they’re no longer available. CLICK HERE to grab yours today.

Are you a person of excellence? Or are you more of a 75% person? And what is the difference between excellence and perfectionism? These questions are answered on today’s episode and I’ll also be sharing with you why I’m committing today to be a person of excellence. Will you join me?

Play is an important part of your life. It not only is fun and feels good, but it impacts your emotional health as well. As kids we understand this but as we grow up we tend to allow the responsibility and pressure of being an adult get in the way of play. On today’s episode I want to encourage you to incorporate play in your life and I’ll give you several reasons why. Tune in to learn all about the importance of play.

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