Ep 83. Love and Hate

Love and hate are powerful emotions. Many of us don’t experience them at their extremes very often. But they have relatives known as like and dislike and many others. Today I’m challenging you to think about what you are creating in the world. Are you creating more love or more hate? Do you live mostly in the land of approval, love and gratitude or more often in the land of dislike, disagreement and even hate? I’m also going to explain to you why I think we are taught to pray the way we do in the LDS church.

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Ep 82. Brooke Castillo on Connection in Your Marriage

Today I am so thrilled to have Brooke Castillo join me on the podcast to talk about connection in your marriage. Brooke teaches us more about connection and love, what creates them in our minds, and how to feel more of both in our marriages. She explains how to feel whatever you want even if your husband doesn’t do what you wish he would do. Brooke is an amazing teacher and dear friend and I can’t wait for you to hear her thoughts on this topic.

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Ep 81. It’s Not About You

Your brain thinks that the things that happen in your life should be filtered through the lense, “How does this affect me?” This self interested position is not only unnecessary, it keeps us stuck, inhibits our relationships, limits our parenting and causes many other problems. But when we remember to tell ourselves, “It’s not about you,” we get to live the higher, more fulfilled life we are meant for.

Ep 78. How to Get Started on Your Goals

Do you have a goal? I’m not talking about the to do list or the things you wish were habits but aren’t yet. I mean a big, scary goal or a dream. If you believe you will do it someday…I want to help you make that someday be today. On today’s episode I’m giving you the steps for getting started and working towards a goal in a way that is exciting, energizing, and inevitable that you will achieve it. You ready? Let’s do it.

Ep 80. Jody Coaches Amanda on Fostering Confidence

Confidence requires ongoing work. It’s not a checkbox that we’re done with. Today I’m coaching a member from the Be Bold Community on how to quiet the voice in her head that tells her she’s not enough and decide for herself exactly what enough means. Check out this live coaching call and see how the tools I teach are applied in a real life scenario. And a special thanks to Amanda for allowing us to learn from her.

Ep 79. Victim Mentality

All of us have moments when we feel like a victim. A part of us finds some relief or validation in identifying this way. But for some people, victim mentality becomes a dominant personality trait leaving them constantly delegating responsibility for their emotional lives to people and things outside of them. Today I’m sharing with you a little more info about victim mentality so that you can take a look at yourself and see if you live in this neighborhood at times, or better understand the person in your life who feels this way. Of course I’ll be giving you suggestions about what to do in either case as well.

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Ep 77. How to Have a Difficult Conversation

If you describe yourself as someone who avoids conflict and is uncomfortable having a difficult conversation then I have good news for you. You just haven’t been taught the skill of having difficult conversations and I’m going to teach it to you on today’s episode. If you prepare yourself properly and utilize the tips I’m providing you today, then no matter what the outcome of the conversation you will feel good and you will take yourself and your relationships to the next level by getting good at this skill.

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Ep 76. Vulnerability

To be vulnerable means to expose your weaknesses in such a way that you risk being harmed. No wonder we don’t like it. We didn’t get this far as a species by being vulnerable. But the truth is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is how we truly connect with one another and as Brene Brown teaches, connection is what we are here for. Today I’m teaching you more about vulnerability and how to get more comfortable letting your representative take a back seat when it’s appropriate.

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Ep 75. Changing Your Results and an Announcement

I’m so excited about this episode. I have some great content for you dealing with why it’s so difficult to change the results in our lives. If you find that you sometimes do better at your health goals or financial goals or being patient with your kids… but then you revert back to your old ways… there is a reason and there is a way to break the cycle. Today I’m teaching you the why and introducing a brand new program for 2017 where we will do the work together to help you conquer yourself and live your fullest life. Enough talk. Let’s get to work.

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Ep 74. Perfect Timing

Ever feel like there isn’t enough time? Like you’re too busy? Like you missed a deadline? Time is like money in that it’s easy to develop a scarcity mindset around. But being in a rush and worrying about what comes next robs us of enjoying the present moment and living our fullest lives. Listen up for some different ways to think about time today.