Pride is one of the greatest hazards to us in this lifetime. It’s a concept that is often misunderstood and easy to neglect but something I think is powerful to take a closer look at today. I have found myself falling into the trap of pride in a few ways lately and today I’m sharing my experience with you as well as some thoughts on pride including how is it different from confidence? Join me today as we explore this important concept.

Ever feel like your prayers aren’t being answered? Well, it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, but today I’m sharing some insight based on the tools I use as a Coach as well as examples from the Book of Mormon about how to pray in the most effective way. Tune in as I talk about why prayer is so good for your brain and your life and share some insight about what to pray for to leverage this amazing tool Heavenly Father has given us.

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What makes someone lovable? Is it the things they do or say? Is it how they feel about us? And what makes someone un-lovable? Is it that they aren’t nice, don’t like people or don’t love us? The answer is no. What makes another person lovable is your decision to love them. Period. All human beings are 100% lovable. That includes everyone in your life and you. And people who we find it challenging to love are an amazing opportunity to increase our capacity to love. Check out today’s episode to learn how to tackle that challenging person and feel more love for your own sake.

Fear is a protective mechanism designed to aid in our survival. Today I want to teach you 5 things about fear to help minimize your fear of fear. Because showing up in your life may require some fear but with the tools I want to teach you today, you’ll be better equipped to handle it. Tune in to learn more.

Today I’m teaching you about confusion, overwhelm and indecision. These are what I call indulgent emotions. Feeling them does not get you closer to clarity and focus. Instead it keeps you unconscious and stuck. They are a result of a mismanaged brain and while it may feel like they just happen to you, I have actionable tips to help you get out of confusion and on with solving problems and accomplishing your goals. Tune in and let’s do this.

It’s nearly Mother’s Day. And if you’re like many women I know you secretly hate this day. You try not to but it seems like your expectations are never met. You don’t know why you’re disappointed but you just are. Or perhaps you hate it because of the strained dynamic that exists between you and your mother and this day brings up all of it for you. Well I have good news for you. You can love Mother’s Day and it’s simpler than you ever imagined. Tune in to today’s episode to ensure you have the best Mother’s Day ever.

What do you want? Do you know? When I first began coaching LDS women I discovered that many of them didn’t allow themselves to want. They felt like wanting might mean they were not grateful for what they had or that it was not keeping their priorities in check. Other times I work with clients who find the wanting to be painful because they don’t believe they can have what they want. Today I am going to teach you why I believe that wanting, when done from abundance, is a virtue. I’ll teach you how to get to abundance and why this is an important part of your existence.

I’m a Mormon. This is not a surprise to you I hope. But today I want to talk with you about why I’m a Mormon. I want you to decide why you believe whatever you believe because the why matters. Are you a Mormon because of the community? Is it because of a certain church leader? Is it because of Joseph Smith? Are you a Mormon by default or is it rooted in sound doctrine that makes your life better? Just something to consider. Tune in to learn how I answered this question for myself.

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Today I’m teaching you the way to have deeper, more fulfilling friendships and how to show up when you meet new people in a way that feels confident and helps you attract your tribe. We’re also talking about what to do when you don’t get invited out and you’re feeling hurt about that. Tune in to learn how to be and have great friends so you can maximize this amazing part of this life.


Whether you’re setting big goals or just navigating the changes of life, learning to master skills will serve you well. Sure there are skills that are obvious like playing an instrument or a sport, but I want you to consider the skill of being uncomfortable, overcoming procrastination, and being more patient. Today I’m teaching you the 4 steps to skill mastery. For each phase I’ll be describing it and helping you identify what you need to move through it to the next phase. Let’s see what you create when you get good at mastering any skill you want to have.