Ep 90. Jody Coaches Kassie on Body Image and Weight Tools

Today I’m coaching another member of the Be Bold Community. This time Kassie talks to us about the roller coaster many of us know well when it comes to our health and weight. Do I keep trying to lose the weight or do I just be kind and compassionate toward myself and accept my body as is. Listen as I coach her on how to keep working on her goal without creating more shame and overwhelm around this challenging topic.

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Ep 89. What’s Fueling Your Action?

Today I’m talking to you about the action that you take in your life. When there is a problem to solve or a goal you want to reach, I’m all for taking action…but first I want you to pay attention to the emotions that are fueling your action. The emotions fueling you will determine how effective your action is and what the result is that you get from that action. I want your fuel to be as empowering as possible. Tune in today for more explanation and specific examples.

Ep 88. Automated Blessings From God

We’re told that when we do what we’re commanded, we are blessed. Today I’m sharing with you how the way the human brain functions and what we know about human behavior is a solid case for these blessings being automated when God created us. We’ll talk about scripture study, prayer, forgiveness, service and tithing.

Bonus Episode: Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Me

Advanced Maternal age

I have 3 reasons why you shouldn’t listen to me and I’m sharing them with you today. I’m also answering the most common questions I’ve been getting about the Be Bold Membership Program since there are just a couple days to get in! If you’re trying to make a decision about whether or not it’s for you… check out today’s episode.

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Ep 87. New Listener? Start Here: 5 Lies About How the World Works

If you’re new to the podcast this is a great first episode to introduce you to this work. These are the 5 lies about how the world works that most people don’t realize are lies. Most people operate under the assumption these things are true and it causes a lot of unnecessary suffering, frustration, resentment and keeps us from reaching our full potential. Today I’m unwinding these lies for you and offering you something different. The truth. Check it out.

Ep 86. Jody Coaches April Who Wants to Be the Favorite

I’m so excited for you to listen to this coaching session. I believe listening to coaching will help you take what you’re learning here on this podcast to the next level. It’s the direct application of this work. Many of you will relate to what April has to say in some way but even if you don’t plug your own struggle in and see if you can gain some awareness for yourself as well.

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Ep 85. Self Actualization

Today I’m going to begin by sharing a bit about my journey to becoming a Life Coach. Then we’re going to learn about self-actualization. This term, coined by Abraham Maslow, is one most people have heard of but few understand. Today we’re breaking down the 12 characteristics of a self-actualized person and learning more about how to reach this pinnacle in human development for ourselves. Finally, I’m going to tell you why Life Coaching is exactly like the i-Phone. Trust me.

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Ep 84. The Law of Chastity Shame Free, with Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

Today I’m delighted to welcome back Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife. We’re talking about how to teach our kids about their sexuality and the law of chastity without inviting shame. Dr. Finlayson-Fife touches on topics such as masturbation and pornography and helps us understand now to navigate these topics with children from babies through teenaged and young adult years. You won’t want to miss this episode.

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PS – After publishing this episode we got a lot of questions from people wanting clarification about whether or not some viewing of pornography (or masturbation) is not wrong given that the LDS church has typically taken a position of abstaining from such activities rather than a position of moderation. Here is her response:

“I don’t believe that viewing pornography is valuable to development, only that being too heavy-handed or shaming of it (in a culture where sexual imagery is pervasive) as being counter-productive and creating more sexual obsessiveness in a developing adolescent (i.e. the more anxiety kids have about seeing pornographic imagery, the more likely they are to find it arousing, be drawn to it, and seek it out).  We tend to eroticize the forbidden.  It is more valuable to be straight forward with kids about a problematic industry of porn, while demonstrating a celebration and comfort with the human body and with committed, loving sexuality.

With masturbation, I think we can teach an ethic of moderation and self-control without shaming.  The church has taken the language of masturbation out of the “For The Strength of Youth” handbook.  I think that is because too much focus and anxiety around not ever masturbating again backfires and creates more trouble than it solves.  I think the more valuable focus should be on what you are trying to create in your life (someone capable of sexual commitment and intimacy with a spouse), exercising self control along with self-compassion toward that end.”

Ep 83. Love and Hate

Love and hate are powerful emotions. Many of us don’t experience them at their extremes very often. But they have relatives known as like and dislike and many others. Today I’m challenging you to think about what you are creating in the world. Are you creating more love or more hate? Do you live mostly in the land of approval, love and gratitude or more often in the land of dislike, disagreement and even hate? I’m also going to explain to you why I think we are taught to pray the way we do in the LDS church.

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Ep 82. Brooke Castillo on Connection in Your Marriage

Today I am so thrilled to have Brooke Castillo join me on the podcast to talk about connection in your marriage. Brooke teaches us more about connection and love, what creates them in our minds, and how to feel more of both in our marriages. She explains how to feel whatever you want even if your husband doesn’t do what you wish he would do. Brooke is an amazing teacher and dear friend and I can’t wait for you to hear her thoughts on this topic.

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