One of the most common things I hear from my clients who have businesses or side gigs is, “How do I get motivated to do what I need to do?” Of course this doesn’t just apply to building a business, but today I’m sharing with you how to get out of overwhelm, indecision, stress, doubt and fear… and get busy creating the result you want in your life and business. If you want more of what you learn here today sign up for the free “How to Grow Your Side Gig” masterclass happening next week.

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Did you know there is something available that’s better than happy? It’s your most complete life and the most amazing experience available to you. Check out today’s episode where I teach you all about this, clean pain versus dirty pain, and spill the beans about the changes happening her on the podcast.

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Fat adaptation is your body’s natural metabolic state. It means that when you eat food, you store some of it on your body as fat to be used in case there is no food available. It mean that hunger is not an emergency. It’s just a whisper that comes and goes. Many of the experts in the world of weight loss and health teach that becoming fat adapted is an optimal way to lose weight and prevent illnesses such as diabetes. Today I’m breaking it all down for you, telling you how you can retrain your body to be fat adapted, and sharing with you my own journey as I work to achieve this goal. If you’re interested in getting more help join me for a free Stop Overeating Masterclass at:

The body is an amazing creation that provides an internal navigation system for helping us navigate what is useful and what is dangerous. It gives us physical clues (sensations) and emotional clues (emotions). Today I want to challenge you to really tap into what’s going on and ask yourself whether it’s a sensation or an emotion. Then when you solve for it, make sure you’re solving for the real problem and not just distracting or buffering. I’m also explaining to you why I am working on increasing the amount of discomfort I can tolerate and just getting good at feeling negative emotions and sensations. While this might sound odd, it is for sure the way to achieve your dream goals and it’s something you can get good at doing. Are you ready? Here we go.

I’m so grateful to sweet young Ellie for being willing to share her story today. Her experience with depression and anxiety has made her wise beyond her years. Check out today’s episode as she shares her experience and some word of advice to anyone (especially your kids) who struggle with depression.

If you have a child you want to help or motivate or change in some way… this episode is for you. First Ask yourself WHY you want to change them. It’s always so we can feel better. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong or you should let go of it in every case but really be intentional. Then remember your child has agency. This means they are going to make some choices we don’t like. That said, as a Mom I want to teach my kids what I know and what is useful to me that might be for them and I know you want to also. So today I’m going to teach you 5 tips to help guide them around the tools I teach here:

  • Tip #1: Teach them who is responsible for whose emotions.
  • Tip #2: Teach them how to process emotions.
  • Tip #3: Don’t rob them of their classes.
  • Tip #4: Hold accountable from a place of peace/love. Not frustration/anger.
  • Tip #5: In what way am I contributing to this problem?

Final Thought: You are the flight attendant. You go first. And don’t panic when there is turbulence.

You are the parent your child is supposed to have. You know what to do. You will also be a trial for them in some ways. It’s supposed to go exactly that way. You’ve got this.


Spending time with my future self has made a huge difference in what I create in my life. What will you look like in the future? What will you think about and what will you have done? Your future self has so much wisdom and if you learn to ask her, she will help you with whatever you need right here and now. Your future self is also someone you are currently creating. Are you creating her intentionally or just allowing life to take you where it will? Today I have 3 exercises you can utilize to create your future and access your own internal wisdom.

Confidence. It feels amazing and it makes you better at anything you’re trying to do. Confidence is the solution to so many problems we create for ourselves from people pleasing to worry to relationship problems. We’re spending some time today learning about the opposite of confidence, shame, and then I’m teaching you how to build confidence. The definition we’ll use is knowing and embracing all the parts of yourself. If you embrace all the parts of yourself, even the parts that you want to change, even the times when you are wrong, you can build your confidence. Tune in and let’s take your confidence up a level.

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Today I’m teaching you about mental, emotional and physical health. It’s a longer episode because this topic is so all encompassing but make sure you listen to the end where I teach you about how to utilize what we know about human nature and the brain to lose weight without relying on willpower.

This is the first of a 5 part series on the Be Bold Pillars. All of the tools I teach are centered around these 5 areas and focusing on these areas is the key to living an amazing life where you grow and thrive, reach your full potential and leave the world a better place. In today’s episode on relationships, you’ll learn why a relationship is just the way you think about the other person. It’s not based on their behavior or thoughts or feelings about you. We’ll apply this concept to friendships, marriage relationships, and your relationship with your parents or in-laws. Tune in and lets take your relationships to a place of love like Christ demonstrated for us.