Making a contribution in the world is an important part of a fulfilling life. Today I want to teach you more about how to find your zone of genius. It begins by finding fulfillment in whatever you do right now. Then to keep making progress to become the person you have the potential to become. You are designed for growth and contribution and if you don’t manage your brain, you may find yourself dreaming of following your dream but not taking much action. Finally, I want you to pay attention to yourself when you’re consuming in order to fulfill the need you have to create or contribute. Press play and let me explain.

I love making money. Most people think that making money means sacrificing your time and effort and giving up part of yourself in exchange for money. The harder you work and more you sacrifice, the more money you can make. I believe different. I believe that rather than sacrifice yourself, the best way to make money is to put more value into the world. To expand yourself and give of yourself in a way that fills you up rather than in a way that empties you. Today I’m talking with you about some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way and giving you some ways to think about money that will set you on a path to maximize your ability to get what you want and feel like a more while version of yourself in the process.

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Last week I did a Q/A call. You showed up and brought amazing questions! I loved answering them from you and wanted everyone who couldn’t be there to benefit from hearing them. It’s the real life application of this work that makes it life altering. Check it out here. Real questions. Real answers.

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I think Tuesday is one of the most neglected days of the week.

Monday gets a lot of attention for being sort of a pain.

Wednesday is half way through.

Friday through Sunday are loved for obvious reasons.

Even Thursday is now beloved as a throw-back day so it’s gaining popularity thanks to social media.

But Tuesday is so obedient and neutral that it doesn’t get any love or hate. I think it’s time we change that. I’m officially taking Tuesday under my wing as “Show Us Your Bold” day.

Each Tuesday I’m going to post a new challenge!

If you dare…join in the challenge and then report back! Use #showusyourbold

show us your bold Consider these challenges experiments in human behavior. Some of them will help you examine your own behavior and thereby “meet” yourself (a fascinating experience I assure you) and others will just make you laugh and be in awe of the people around you.

Today’s challenge is one you may have heard me talk about before if you know me personally. It’s my favorite. I still conduct it whenever I get the chance. I actually adopted it from some other close friends whom I’d like to give a quick shout out to. I love you Ali and Claire!

Yep, you knew it was coming…This is the butt load challenge.

Just how much IS a butt load?

You’re challenge this week is to ask for a butt load of something. Maybe you’re at the drive thru and they’re asking if you want ketchup. Just reply with, “a butt load please.” It works best if you do it in public when the service person is least expecting it. Ask for a butt load of ice in your drink. Ask for a butt load of butter on your movie popcorn. You get the idea. Get creative.

 Now, here’s the important part. Pay attention to how people respond. Do they even hear you? Do they ignore your? Do they laugh? Smile? Act annoyed? Isn’t it wonderful how many different responses you’ll get?

And you know….everyone responds differently because it isn’t what you said that makes them feel a certain way, it’s what they choose to think about it.  FASCINATING right?

I’d love to hear what this experience is like for you so PLEASE participate and share here on the blog or on Facebook or you can email me if you’re more comfortable.

Come on don’t be shy. Show us your bold. It’s going to be a butt load of fun.

I do love your guts…


PS – My apologies to my dad who is shaking his head, rolling his eyes and wondering what sort of deep end I’ve officially gone off.